Sales Rising for Bulletproof Children’s Clothes

Bulletproof clothing sales are soaring. Three weeks after 20 children and six school employees were gunned down at a school in Connecticut, parents are going to extreme lengths to protect their children.

Miguel Caballero manufactures protective gear for high-risk situations. But his product that is receiving the most attention is his bulletproof vests that are attached to bulletproof backpacks. At his factory in Bogota, Colombia, he demonstrates his product by blasting it with pistols and machine guns.

Caballero said that after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in December, interest in his products has soared.

In spite of the bloody internal conflict that has been raging in Colombia for 50 years, Caballero says the idea for child-sized bulletproof clothing never crossed his mind.

“The product was created with the American market in mind, not for the Latino market. All the designs and colors, everything is thought out with them in mind,” he said.

It is an amazing sign of the times when Colombia is manufacturing body armor for American children. God intended the United States to be an example to other nations in how to live. Instead, America and other modern Israelite nations have become an example of how lawlessness can destroy even the most prosperous nation.

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