Agriculture 2012: Good News for China, Bad News for Anglo-America

China’s State Council Information Office said on Tuesday that the country’s grain production has increased for nine consecutive years. China’s grain output reached 650 million tons in 2012. That figure is up more than 18 million tons from last year.

Chinese agricultural production is increasing in other areas too. According to official statistics, all of China’s major farm products have increased in volume over recent years. The government credits science and technology advancements for the increase.

Incomes for Chinese farmers have also been on the rise. For the last three years, farmers’ incomes have exceeded those of urban residents.

Meanwhile, the United States endured its most severe drought in 25 years this year. About 80 percent of its agricultural land continues to suffer drought conditions. As a result, prices for food are expected to jump 3 to 4 percent in 2013.

Britain is suffering from the opposite weather extreme. Many areas were under a flood alert on Tuesday. Hundreds of homes and businesses have already been inundated, and meteorologists are expecting more rain to fall on the saturated ground. The flooding punctuates one of the wettest years on record in Britain.

There is a reason China is flourishing while the Unites States and Britain deal with drought and floods. The Bible says we are living in the times of the Gentiles.

In Luke 21:24 Christ showed that the times of the Gentiles will continue until He returns to establish the Kingdom of God. China’s rise and Anglo-America’s fall is a great sign that this day is coming close.

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