Germany May Take on Google—the Whole Internet Watches

Germany’s parliament is considering a bill that could force Google to pay for using contents of German newspapers.

Google has long argued that it provides a free service to newspapers by bringing people to their websites. But German newspapers want Google to pay for their stories that appear on Google’s news page. Many see it as a test case in copyright law versus Internet freedom.

Such an issue might not have been so highlighted if German newspapers were running well. Business daily Financial Times Deutschland was forced to close early this month due to reported poor management and what the newspaper claimed was an impact from the Internet. It is no surprise that German newspapers aren’t happy with Google News.

“They want their piece of the big cake and they argue that it’s their copyright that is used and if anyone is using content for business then they should pay for it,” said Peter Zschunke, journalist, Networld at German Press Agency.

The battle between the search engine giant and the Eurozone’s most powerful economy will end in what will most likely be a global precedent.

“The whole internet is watching,” added Zschunke.

If German legislators get their way, watch for other countries to follow suit.

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