White House Unrolls Red Carpet for Extremists

Justin in SD/flickr

White House Unrolls Red Carpet for Extremists

The Obama administration has played host to “scores of known radical Islamists,” who “made hundreds of visits” to meet with top administration officials, according to a year-long investigation publicized by Arutz Sheva reported in October.

After combing through millions of visitor logs, investigators from the Investigative Project on Terrorism (ipt) “identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other terrorist organizations,” Arutz Sheva reported.

The report detailed dozens of specific personalities and representatives from extremist groups that have graced the White House steps over the past few years, and clearly outlines their radical connections. The list included individuals representing groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, members of groups that have obstructed terrorist investigations, and other persons connected to money-laundering scandals involving terrorists.

Compare that to the reception Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received on his first visit with President Obama in in 2009. During the visit, Netanyahu was let in through a side door into a meeting where press cameras were not allowed. After a heated discussion, President Obama left the meeting to eat dinner, leaving Netanyahu and his entourage to wait in the Roosevelt room.

This past September, Obama declined to meet with Netanyahu either in New York or Washington during the prime minister’s visit, citing scheduling conflicts. It was the first time in history that an American president did not meet with a visiting Israeli prime minister.

Since the start of his presidency, President Obama has worked hard to reach out to the Muslim community, while simultaneously distancing himself from Israel. This open door policy to known extremists is just the latest step in America’s continued attempt to cuddle up with extremists while pushing Israel to the side.