March 2018 Trumpet Issue Now Online

What to expect from this issue

“The New American Morality” is the cover story of our March 2018 Trumpet issue, now at the printer and already available online.

Editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s leadoff article provides a hope-filled approach to one of the most explosive moral issues in society today: “The Beautiful Truth That Would Solve the Sex Scandals.” This is a beautiful perspective on this subject that you will not read anywhere else. My article “The New American Morality” focuses on the rise in strongly moralistic thinking in public life. It isn’t based on biblical morality—but on a set of morals unlike any the nation has ever seen. This is followed by Dennis Leap’s article “The Tangled Stepfamily Tree,” which explores how rampant divorce and remarriage are “growing” America’s families—but not in a good way.

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This Trumpet issue also has some fascinating science articles. Have you ever taken a tour of the universe? Read Callum Wood’s exploratory piece “Your Mysterious Awesome Universe.” No spaceship is required for this “lighthearted voyage through time and space.” Take a trip to the edge of the great beyond and discover the incredible wonders of creation.

Speaking of creation, was it? Created, that is—or, “Did God Create Evolution?” as even some religious authorities claim? Andrew Miiller leads you to the answer via the natural world. Our infographic “Defying Evolution” follows up on Andrew’s article by exploring a handful of the 8.7 million species of life, and how their very existence offers proof of an intelligent Creator.

Richard Palmer and Josué Michels collaborate to cover the extent of Germany’s efforts to build “Europe’s ‘Underground’ Army.” They also explore the German precedent for such behind-the-scenes planning. In other world news, “Turkey’s Strongman Grows Stronger” and contributes to “The Turkish Betrayal.” Trumpet writer Anthony Chibarirwe shows how “Turkey is forming and breaking alliances—and fulfilling Bible prophecy.”

Rogue nations are diligently working to develop their own nuclear weapons, but what if they discovered one of the missing ones? In “Broken Arrows: Will the World’s Lost Nuclear Weapons Trigger World War III?”, Jeremiah Jacques explores this topic and shows the real danger the world could face with just one powerful weapon falling into the wrong hands.

Holistic nutritionist Jorg Mardian provides hope to keep a global epidemic from affecting your life in “How to Avoid (or Recover From) Diabetes.”

Along with our regular departments, this issue also delivers a new installment to Increase Your Bible IQ: “Enriching Friendships.” Our Principles of Living article covers “The Most Important Meal of Your Day.” And I end the issue with an encouraging note on “‘Breakfast With Dads.’

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