Week in Review: Iran Pushes at Europe!, North Korea Can Now Hit the U.S., and Much More


Show Notes

  • Iran has threatened Europe in a provocative and prophetically significant move.
  • Meanwhile, Europeans are reaching out to Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia and helping the Saudis upgrade their military.
  • After two months of relative calm, North Korea conducted yet another test—this week it was an intercontinental ballistic missile. This icbm flew higher and farther than any previous missiles, and it puts the entire U.S. within range.
  • America, meanwhile, is growing less militarily capable of stabilizing the world.
  • We also discuss Europe and China deepening their ties, Egypt’s dilemma in dealing with jihadis, Russia and China overtaking the U.S. in a vital field, and a worrying ruling that was just issued for the U.S. military.