Another banking scandal reveals the bold dishonesty in Britain’s and America’s banks.


The implications of recent Islamic State victories
Why history’s great lawgiver should matter to all people 
A beautiful project in India that illuminates the future 
The Key of David
Steve Jobs was perhaps the greatest inventor of his generation. What was the secret to his success?
Racially charged unrest is boiling over—and law enforcement is being critically undermined. Many people are framing the issue as a pursuit of justice. Some call it a revolution. Many are bracing for race war. You need to know where this is leading!
The name of our college helps us remember what became of the work done through Herbert Armstrong.
May 26, 2015  •  26 minutes
How the recent elections in Britain and Israel hurt their alliances with the United States.



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Abortion is becoming birth control. How can we stop this?

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Why to fight it—how to win it!

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But we had better get busy, while there is still time.