‘The primary purpose of an army is to be ready to fight effectively at all times.’


Europe gets serious.
Hungary’s prime minister debunks the myth that history is one long march toward Western-style government.
And how this is affecting European politics—again.
God made us to move. 
‘There’s a new feeling of what it means to be German.’


More people are hating Jews, and the Jews are afraid.
The State Department evacuates the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli amid escalating violence.
Why you need to pay attention to a disease in West Africa.
Such chants against Jews ‘haven’t been seen since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany.’
True or false: ‘Nobody could have predicted the scale of the increase we saw this year.’
Is the press starting to turn on the president?
State Department evacuates embassy in Tripoli amid escalating violence.
Rather than reduce its military intervention in Ukraine after the Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down, Moscow instead is contributing more firepower to pro-Russia forces.
The ‘new’ anti-Semitism goes much deeper than you think.
The Key of David
In Matthew 24, Christ unlocks the meaning of the seals of Revelation. The first four seals are the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Do you understand the meaning of those seven seals?
What he remembers should bring shame to America and Germany! 
This little nation is a linchpin for a biblically prophesied end-time alliance. 
August 2, 2014  •  35 minutes
Eleven centuries after Peter and James and John, there was Waldo.