Can Israel hope to stem the rising tide of violence in Jerusalem?
President Obama’s legal flip-flop is just the start.
Is it better for house prices to soar or spiral?
The ayatollah’s latest genocidal plan for Israel


The Russian dictator’s reaction to the international cold shoulder shouldn’t surprise you.
This ‘historic’ agreement isn’t nearly as important as another deal China made that the media ignored.
Russia’s support increases the West’s concern about the nuclear path Iran is taking.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans may be at the mercy of Russia.
Alarming video footage shows radical Muslim teaching at work in Sydney.
‘Poland wants a strong, active German Army,’ says Poland’s defense minister.
The Key of David
Family togetherness and the life of Jesus Christ are wonderful things. But does God want us to celebrate these things by keeping Christmas?
If you follow just one major news trend, make sure it is what is unfolding in this pivotal city.
The plot is fulfilling a great Bible prophecy. It’s all about the European Union superpower being hijacked!
November 21, 2014  •  22 minutes
Palestinians murder Jews in synagogue—and why this is more than just a local crime.



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Chancellor Merkel’s replacement of her old political partner Nicolas Sarkozy with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti hastens the resurrection of Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire.

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It’s all over the news that Europeans are fed up with Germany, particularly its consistent demand for making cutbacks in order to correct the Continent’s economic problems.

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‘Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.’

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How Americans have transformed their morals—and why it matters to you.