Leaked Files Suggest Mossad Is Supporting Israeli Protests

Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Last Saturday, documents from the United States Department of Defense were leaked to the Internet, revealing profound internal problems in a U.S. ally. The main focus of the leaked Pentagon documents is U.S. infiltration of the Russian military in the ongoing war in Ukraine. The files also suggest that Israel is seeing a revolt in its intelligence services. According to the leak, Mossad, the country’s main foreign intelligence service, is participating in Israel’s judicial reform protests. Media covering the leaks were unable to independently verify the claim.

The Washington Post published April 9:

The leaked document labeled top secret says that in February, senior leaders of the Mossad spy service “advocated for Mossad officials and Israeli citizens to protest the new Israeli government’s proposed judicial reforms, including several explicit calls to action that decried the Israeli government, according to signals intelligence.”

By itself, the direct intervention into Israeli politics by Mossad, an external spy service forbidden from wading into domestic matters, would be a significant revelation. That the information surfaced as a result, apparently, of U.S. espionage on its closest Middle East ally could further inflame what has been a time of historic political unrest in Israel.

The Israeli government has denied the accuracy of the claims. The prime minister’s office, speaking on behalf of Mossad, denied the allegations.

Netanyahu returned to power for the third time late last year. Since then, he has prioritized pushing through a controversial judicial reform package. If adopted, it would give the government more control over the judicial selection process and Supreme Court decisions. The protests, ongoing since January, are meant to counter that. Last month, as many as 600,000 people took to the streets all across the country. Military reservists announced they would not turn up for duty in protest. Former prime ministers and opposition leaders accused the government of “eroding democracy.”

The Israeli Supreme Court is a lawless and unaccountable body that has amassed far more power than it was intended to have. (You can learn more about the Supreme Court’s slide into lawlessness here.) Supreme Court reform has been a legitimate topic in Israeli politics for years. Questions and concerns about Netanyahu’s specific reforms are obviously not wrong. But deep down, everybody knows the Supreme Court is wielding authority it shouldn’t have. Everybody knows the government’s concerns are legitimate. And many protesters’ main target is not the proposed reforms—instead, it is Netanyahu himself.

Mossad knows this. The agency is supposed to be apolitical. If the allegations are true, it is a curious time for Mossad to pick sides.

Mossad is also one of the most skilled, sophisticated and, some would say, infamous intelligence agencies in the world. It needs to be—given that Israel is surrounded by enemies. But what happens when the security apparatus Mossad uses to hunt down terrorists is turned on the prime minister?

Israeli media reported in February that Mossad allowed its members to take part in the protests as long as they kept their affiliation hidden. But the Pentagon files suggest that the agency’s higher-ups actively want their own agents to oppose the government’s mandate. A few officials taking to the streets of Tel Aviv chanting slogans is innocuous enough. But that’s not the main concern here. Mossad has a well-deserved reputation of both secrecy and operational success. If its leaders want their men to oppose the government, who is to say Mossad’s only involvement is letting its people protest?

That the United States would be aware of Mossad’s involvement in the protests is also interesting. Did the U.S. get its information through spying on Mossad? Possibly. The pertinent file was labeled “fisa,” indicating the intelligence needed court approval to be collected. (This also means the U.S. government was spying on one of its closest allies, but that’s another can of worms.) The current presidency has made no secret of its opposition to Netanyahu’s program. More and more information is surfacing on America’s behind-the-scenes campaign to support the protests and marginalize Netanyahu. Perhaps U.S. intelligence knows about Mossad’s complicity because they are cooperating with each other.

Some may dismiss such claims as baseless “what ifs.” But the leaked Pentagon files are evidence Mossad has the intent to go after Netanyahu. They most definitely have the skills to do so cloak-and-dagger.

Across the Atlantic, the U.S. is facing similar political upheaval. Ever since being elected in 2016, President Donald Trump has been besieged on all sides by the political opposition, the media and even his own cabinet members. But one of the biggest threats to him and his work has been that posed by America’s “deep state.” Last year’s Mar-a-Lago raid shows this is still the case even after Trump left the White House.

Trump and Netanyahu are alike in many ways. Both are right-wing politicians trying to strengthen their nations. And both face almost overwhelming opposition from almost everybody else in doing so.

That Israel and the U.S. would have such similar problems at the same time is intriguing. But it is more than coincidence. In fact, the current political crises are because of what our editor in chief Gerald Flurry called a “profound secret.”

As the Trumpet has taught for decades, Americans and Israelis are descendants of the biblical Israelites. The State of Israel descends from the ancient tribe of Judah; America descends from the tribe of Manasseh. (See here for more information.) Bible prophecy is full of references to both peoples in the latter days—the time we are living in now.

One prophecy of note is in Hosea 5: “And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore shall Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them” (verse 5).

This prophecy shows that the Israelites collectively—including America and the Middle Eastern Jews—fall at the same time. They experience similar problems at the same time. This is what we are seeing in America and the State of Israel today.

“That fall is painful to watch,” Mr. Flurry wrote in our September 2022 issue. “But when you prove the biblical identity of these three nations and realize that Hosea is giving you a detailed end-time picture—and describing exactly what we see happening to them right before our eyes—it provides a spiritual perspective that is actually quite inspiring!”

A country having its own intelligence agency stage a revolt is disconcerting. But the Bible prophesies that God will give the nations of Israel a respite from their problems. To learn more, read Mr. Flurry’s article “Britain’s and Judah’s Governments Fall—America Next?