Why a German Nazi Sued Herbert W. Armstrong

Persecution for preaching prophecy of the Holy Roman Empire

“Now comes the latest threat,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in a letter on March 26, 1968. “A self-acknowledged Nazi in Germany has sued me in Duesseldorf, West Germany, for falsely alleged slander against Germany in the booklet 1975 in Prophecy. Mentioning that I wrote in this booklet that I did not know who the coming ‘führer’ of the resurrected Roman Empire will be, he wrote me: ‘May I tell you from the bottom of my heart that I desire to be this führer.’”

Amid the smoldering embers of the Second World War, Mr. Armstrong’s prevailing prophecy was of a reunited, resurgent, Germany dominating a seventh and final resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire. He began in February 1934 with the first edition of the Plain Truth, when he asked, “Is a World Dictator About to Appear?” The rise of this German-spearheaded “United States of Europe,” as he phrased it, would directly precede the catastrophic events Jesus detailed in Matthew 24.

The Nazi further threatened, “I would rather seize poison-rats like you and have them hung upside down inside one of the tunnels of the Pasadena Freeway. I would close both openings of the tunnels and put in 1,000 big, hungry rats to take care of your poisoned body and spirit.”

His reference was to the Pasadena-based headquarters of a worldwide work featuring the Worldwide Church of God, of which Mr. Armstrong was pastor general. It was home to the mass circulation Plain Truth magazine; internationally broadcast World Tomorrow radio and television program; Ambassador College, a liberal arts institution Mr. Armstrong founded in 1947; Imperial Schools, the K-12 education center; and what became the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, which sponsored educational, humanitarian and charitable endeavors globally.

“Furthermore, I have demanded that you be refused entry into Germany for life,” the fascist continued. “You may rest assured that your name will remain with us ‘national Germans’ (Nazis) for all times on the list of ‘most wanted men,’ until you are hunted down—however long that may take.”

Mr. Armstrong commented, “Previously he had said this would happen if he was not able, through the present West German government, because it is under ‘pressure,’ ‘to have subhumans like you brought to the gallows.’ So it was, indeed, a threat on my life. However, I shall expect to return to Germany whenever necessary in the service of the living Christ—and under His divine protection.”

As our readers know, in 1968, doors opened for Mr. Armstrong to have private meetings with Belgium’s King Leopold, Japan’s Prince Mikasa, and Israel’s President Zalman Shazar. The next 17 years saw him travel the globe meeting with more world leaders in person than any other individual. He announced to them as a witness, the gospel message of the impending establishment of the Kingdom of God, according to Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:14. Emperors, kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and dignitaries dubbed him “an ambassador for world peace.” Furthermore, from world leaders, he received unparalleled recognition by way of decorations, awards and citations.

The crazed Nazi who threatened his life failed in his efforts to prevent that Matthew 24:14 gospel message, and its declaration to Europe and notably Germany.

That “divine protection” about which Mr. Armstrong boldly assured co-workers intervened, enabling him to develop a strong rapport with the former emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Otto Von Habsburg, who received him often, and repeatedly visited the Pasadena facilities.

Mr. Armstrong shuttled frequently to Germany for meetings with leaders, officials and politicians. Perhaps, most notable was his friendship with Bavarian Gov. Franz Josef Strauss, who met various times with the man of peace, as well as visiting the Pasadena headquarters. Strauss was interviewed by the Plain Truth and World Tomorrow, and spoke to the student body. He declared after a two-day stay, “We need an Ambassador College in Germany.”

In addition, the ambassador for peace established a regional office in Bonn to serve the increasing requests for literature, ministerial contact and partnership with the work’s global endeavors. Far from being shut out of Germany, he was warmly welcomed.

He delivered his forecast for Europe for decades, consistently and in detail, never deviating from the more sure word of prophecy (2 Peter 1:19). Right up until his death in January 1986, he was ceaseless in sending that witness message.

Tragically, those charged with continuing these spiritual and physical good works failed and treated Mr. Armstrong’s message similarly to his 1968 attacker. Furthermore, after Gerald Flurry established the one work following in his footsteps, those officials sued the Philadelphia Church of God in an effort to extinguish its biblical service—and by association, close the doors of what became Herbert W. Armstrong College and Imperial Academy, gag the message of the Trumpet magazine, stop the Key of David television program, and shutter the humanitarian and charitable endeavors of Armstrong International Cultural Foundation. Request Raising the Ruins and read for yourself the plain truth of this heinous betrayal, and miraculous victory for continuation of the message Mr. Armstrong declared.

According to your Bible, persecution for preaching prophecy of the Holy Roman Empire will continue and increase (Revelation 12). Does that have our editor in chief cowering in fear? Just the opposite! He leads the way, relying on divine protection, fearlessly prophesying again God’s Word (Revelation 10:11).

Request your free copy of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. Its message will provide you with the proof of impending prophecy and supply you with the spiritual tools with which to shelter from the imminent storm. Your “divine protection” depends upon it!