May 18, 2015

Last December, the heirs of Winston Churchill in the United Kingdom sold one of his paintings for £1.8 million (us$2.8 million), nearly double the record for a Churchill painting. It was a simple landscape of the fishpond at his home. It was called “The Goldfish Pool at Chartwell.”

Winston Churchill took up painting when he was 41 years old. Because of his long life, he was able to paint for more than 45 years. In that time, he completed at least 539 paintings—an average of about one painting per month. Not bad for someone who also published more words than William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens combined, served in armed combat on four different continents, and occupied every great office of state in the United Kingdom, including prime minister on two occasions.

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Are we living in the “last days” described by the Bible? Some people will immediately answer: Surely not! Where are the supernatural heavenly signs? Where is the global cataclysm? This generation hasn’t even experienced a world war! So, because the biblical tribulation has not happened yet, neither is it going to happen. That’s how people reason.

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