“But What Do I Watch For?”


Okay—so it is important to be vigilant. But how? How do we watch world events the way Christ commands—that we may be, as He said, “accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass”? Here are a few broad guidelines and principles that will help you in this critical responsibility.

The Bible talks about four major power blocs being on the scene in the end time: the nations of Israel, the king of the south, the king of the north, and the kings of the east. Being able to identify these blocs on the world scene is absolutely essential to be able to distinguish what is truly important in world news. The nations of Israel are essentially America and Britain (as we prove in our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy). The king of the south will be Iran (documented in our booklet The King of the South). The king of the north will be a German-led consortium of European nations (request The Rising Beast). The kings of the east include Russia and China at the head of several Asian nations (request Russia and China in Prophecy).

Prophecy also tells us the general trend to watch for in each of these power blocs. The Bible tells us to watch, in the end time, for America and Britain to be falling from power, the king of the south and king of the north to be rising in power, and the kings of the east to be coming together.

Are we seeing these trends on the world scene today? Absolutely! The world today provides eye-popping evidence of the dependability of God’s Word.

The Bible then gives us an outline of the major interactions these blocs will have with one another (some of which we can see in embryo even now): First, all will unite against America to bring it down. With the major power in the world today crippled, the king of the south will push at the king of the north, and subsequently be destroyed by it (Daniel 11:40-43). The king of the north will next push at the kings of the east, who will counterattack (Revelation 16:12-14).

That is the overall picture given in the Bible.

So, what do you watch for? Well, the closer to this formula whatever you are watching is, the more important it is.

We must be able to see world events as they are shaping this prophetic reality. How is a specific event bringing America and Britain down, or exalting the king of the south, or assisting the king of the north, or bringing the kings of the east together?

This is the approach the Trumpet takes. This is the single factor we use to determine an event’s newsworthiness. If the Trumpet doesn’t extensively cover an event that some may perceive as major, it is simply because it is not relevant within this prophetic framework.

Of course, we mustn’t get too simplistic. Things often transpire in a way we might not expect. We should never assume we see the whole picture. But having this overview enables us to see the reality behind what is occurring—and to see where it is truly leading. This is what gives the Trumpet its unique perspective that even the most brilliant news analysts in the world lack.

In addition to this overall picture, God gives us several specifics to watch for in each of these areas.

Regarding America and Britain, there are precise prophecies that talk about these nations’ moral decline; family breakdown; leadership void; destroyed military will; loss of possession of the world’s sea gates; unbridled immigration; race problems; stock market crash and economic disaster; decline in health; widespread pestilence and disease epidemics; famine; weather disasters; violence within the cities; terrorism; attack by Germany; nuclear destruction; cities without inhabitants; and national captivity—to mention a few.

Concerning the king of the south, the Bible prophesies of the rise of Iran and radical Islam and their domination of the Middle East; influence over Iraq; alliance with Egypt; increasing military might; support of terror attacks against America and British nations; backing of the Palestinians against the Jews; conquest of East Jerusalem; provocation of Europe; obliteration by a European force; and initiation of World War iii.

Prophecies relating to the king of the north include those foretelling the German domination of Europe and its rise to global dominance; return to fascism; increase in racist crime; popularity of neo-Nazism; political swing to the right; economic and social destabilization; institution of a federal system of law and order; establishment of a police state; alliance with the Vatican; development of a European army; colonization within the Mediterranean, northern Africa, ex-Soviet satellite countries and the Balkans; rise of a demagogue who gains office by flatteries; adoption of the role of aggressive “peacemaker” on the world scene; temporary cooperation with Russia; role as chief negotiator for “peace” in the Middle East; temporary alliance between Germany and Japan; continued internal division; destruction of the Islamic nations; and conquest of Jerusalem, America and Britain.

In Asia, or the kings of the east, biblical prophecy specifies the emergence of one massive power bloc; departure of American presence; improvement of relations among countries in the region; greater collusion between Russia, China, India and Japan; rallying of Russian satellites to the mother country; complete self-reliance economically and militarily; massive military buildup; formation of the most gargantuan army in history; annihilation of the European power and march to Armageddon.

These events are already in motion. We can watch them happening in our daily news.

Just as God said.