United Nations Aimed Twice as Many Resolutions Against Israel as Russia


The nongovernmental organization UN Watch last year released a tally of the United Nations General Assembly’s resolutions aimed against countries. Israel tops the list, with 15 resolutions aimed against it. The rest of the world combined totals 13. Some statistics:

  • Russia received a mere six resolutions against it, mostly due to its invasion of Ukraine. This means the country waging the biggest conflict in Europe since World War ii received less than half the negative flak from the UN that Israel did.
  • Iran received one resolution against it in 2022. This was in the context of the ongoing Masha Amini protests. This is despite Iran, in response to the protests, jumping in a few months to become the third-largest incarcerator of journalists worldwide.
  • China—the country most notorious for currently committing literal genocide—received zero resolutions against it.
  • Hamas, the radical terrorist group that rules Gaza as a de facto state and is committed to the annihilation of Israel, also received zero resolutions against it—even though Hamas started a war against Israel last year.

The UN has for decades been infamous for its anti-Israel bias. But with all of the serious international crises going on, one would think the UN would have more things to worry about than picking on Israel. This evidently is not the case.

The Trumpet said: In September 2019, we wrote: “Criticism of Israel is not inherently anti-Semitic—but such obsession is. There is no evidence to suggest that Israel is the most problematic country on the planet, demanding the overwhelming attention of the United Nations. The Jewish state is being singled out because it is Jewish. That is textbook anti-Semitism.”

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