Can President Trump Get Control of His Own Divided Government?

A biblical prophecy indicates yes.

Since Donald Trump became president, a dangerous level of corruption has been exposed in America’s federal government. Officials within several powerful government agencies have worked actively to sabotage Mr. Trump and overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election. This is treasonous behavior, and a bigger threat to America than most people realize!

The facts reveal widespread complicity within the cia and the Justice Department, including the fbi, along with other government agencies, with direction from the White House—and total support from the mainstream media. We see that the Obama administration got a frightening degree of control over those agencies. And we see officials who consider themselves above the law, who are willing to use deceit, slander and practically any other means necessary to hold or to reclaim power at any cost.

To make this reality more alarming, none of it would have seen daylight had Mr. Trump not won the election. But God wanted it exposed—and I will explain why.

Now, it seems that the harder the president’s enemies work to destroy him, the more their own wicked ways are uncovered.

Isaiah 1:4-6 is an end-time prophecy that applies directly to America. It says “the whole head is sick”—talking about corruption in the government. We are getting a stark look at just how grave this sickness is! (Request my booklet on Isaiah. All of our literature is free.)

Robert Mueller ran a massive investigation for two years into whether President Trump colluded with Russia. He found no wrongdoing by the president—but he inadvertently unveiled a great deal of corruption by the president’s enemies!

Now the new attorney general, William Barr, is doing some investigating of his own. So we are going to learn even more about just how deep the rot goes.

It seems the harder the president’s enemies work to destroy him, the more their own wicked ways are uncovered.

Biblical prophecy indicates that there will be something of a turnaround, though, and that President Trump will actually gain more control of these government agencies that have been working to unseat him.

To understand this prophecy, we must first look at what was happening to the country under his predecessor—and what prophecy says about it.

The Obama Legacy

When Barack Obama became president, he said that he wanted to fundamentally transform America. He succeeded on a dangerous scale.

The damage his administration did to this country is immeasurable.

The Obama administration had a vice-grip on the law and intelligence departments. It authored scandals like Fast and Furious, which put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. It used the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative organizations. It used its intelligence infrastructure to spy on journalists and other media members. It abused law enforcement powers to punish political opponents and expand its power. And as it became clear, it spied on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. It was an attempt to stop Mr. Trump’s campaign to win the Republican primary election. Then later it made a treasonous attempt to overthrow his presidency!

That plot continues to this day.

These are just a few of its deadly abuses of power—to say nothing of the racial strife it stirred up, and the cultural and moral decline it encouraged.

During Obama’s second term, Peter Strzok was chief of counterespionage at the fbi. He led the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, and also the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. At the same time, he was having an affair with a colleague named Lisa Page. The two exchanged text messages during both investigations that revealed a sinister double standard: a clear bias in Clinton’s favor and against Trump. Their texts also revealed that White House officials—even President Obama—were seriously interested in the investigations and directed them.

After an Aug. 5, 2016, meeting, just a few days after the Trump-Russia investigation began, Strzok texted that someone at the meeting said, “The White House is running this.” It’s unclear whether this referred to the Clinton e-mail investigation or the Trump-Russia investigation, but either would have been unlawful. And on Sept. 2, 2016, as the fbi was filing reports about the Clinton e-mail investigation, Page texted Strzok: “potus [President of the United States] wants to know everything we are doing.” If President Obama wanted to be involved, how do you suppose that would affect the investigators, knowing they had the backing of the highest office in the land?

This shows there was a clear political motive guiding the nation’s lead investigative agency.

This should alarm every American! The Justice Department, including the fbi (one of the doj’s agencies), is duty bound to be impartial. fbi officials are to uphold the standards of the bureau and apply the law equally and justly, not use their power to alter politics.

Not only that, but President Obama promised many times that he never got involved in Justice Department matters. His staff repeatedly emphasized that his administration scrupulously avoided even the appearance of political interference in investigations. Those same officials said they never directed the fbi to open investigations. They didn’t interfere period, they said.

The texts between Strzok and Page tell a different story. Aside from exposing the bias of the investigators, they show that the Obama White House wanted to be involved and had even been directing how the fbi handled the two biggest investigations in modern U.S. history!

Despite that fact, in April 2016, President Obama told Fox News’s Chris Wallace, “I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations. I do not talk to fbi directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line and always have maintained it …. I guarantee it.” That was a rank lie! This from the man who said in 2012: “You know I tell the truth.” He and his staff repeatedly lied, and most people just believed them. Those individuals are heavily influenced by the father of liars (John 8:44).


On Jan. 5, 2017, just days before Trump’s inauguration, President Obama gathered his top intelligence leaders to discuss how to continue the investigation into Trump even after he took office! Donald Trump was about to become their boss and could have shut down their investigation and fired all of them had he known about it. So they strategized about how to downplay it, assure him he wasn’t a target, and caution him that interference with investigations could bring accusations of obstruction. Just before Mr. Trump’s inauguration, the Obama administration obtained a new court warrant for 90 more days of spying. And their primary target was the president. Even though there was no verified evidence of a crime.

The cia looks for terrorists overseas. However, more recently, it has been looking for terrorists in the Trump administration, accusing the U.S. president of being a Russian agent. When Trump came to office, nearly all of these powerful intelligence agencies were being used against him!

The whole investigation into Mr. Trump was based on a fraudulent, unverified dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and her supporters. That was how these people obtained warrants to begin spying on Carter Page, a man in Trump’s presidential campaign who never was convicted of anything. Then they used that phony dossier to rally the media and radical Democrats. It was all an attempt to somehow overturn the election and overthrow the president!

It was treason of the highest kind.

The federal agencies the Obama White House weaponized wield incredible power. If they are not held accountable, then what is to stop them from being used against the very people they are meant to protect?

Joe Biden, who is now running for president, recently told the View that in his eight years of serving with Mr. Obama as vice president, he was most proud of the fact that there was not even “one single whisper of scandal.” Yet those eight years were filled with scandal! And worst of all, they were laying the groundwork to overthrow their successor.

Succession Strategy: President Obama, James Comey and Robert Mueller at the White House.
The federal agencies the Obama White House weaponized wield incredible power. If they are not held accountable, then what is to stop them from being used against the very people they are meant to protect?

They wanted to overthrow the law and government of the land. Robert Mueller, along with his cadre of unelected, extremely biased lawyers, were attempting to overthrow the man who received the votes of 63 million people. That is treason!

They did it without any real evidence of a crime!

The way these officials are evading their responsibilities and disdaining the law is extremely dangerous. It undermines the pillars of the rule of law and of freedom in this country! It is turning America into the sort of despotism that plagues dysfunctional nations all over the world!

The media are supposed to help expose and constrain such abuses of power. But the mainstream media was fully complicit in this treasonous plot! Those agencies could never have pulled off what they did without the mainstream media’s fervent support. The media are not fulfilling their traditional role as impartial observers and watchdogs. It’s not about finding the truth or getting the message out to the people. They are casting truth aside. They had a political agenda in lockstep with Barack Obama. These people are treasonous to their own country!

The radical left, which is essentially a satanic attack on this land, has grown in power. Now it seems about half of the country accepts many of their lies.

I wrote a booklet called America Under Attack that explains the spiritual dimension behind what the Obama administration was doing. This is not just the work of a cadre of corrupt officials. The real danger is that an evil spirit power wants to bring America down, and it influences and uses human beings. President Obama was, in type, an end-time “Antiochus” who attacked America. Please request and read this booklet, and you will understand these events in a way you never have before.

As I prove in that booklet, we are living in the time prophesied in Revelation 12:9 and 12, when the devil and his demons are cast down from heaven and confined to Earth! This is creating terrible problems for America in particular, against which Satan is especially wrathful.

Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh made this insightful statement last September regarding the way the radical left is treating President Trump: “An obsession has gotten hold of these people. There’s almost like a demonic possession that has come over these people. It’s becoming increasingly difficult, nigh on impossible to even describe, much less comprehend.” That is a fair description of what is prophesied in Revelation 12!

There are numerous other prophecies about this event in your Bible. But how many people understand much of anything about the Bible today?

Those people were getting control of the government. Justice in the land was destroyed. Rule of law was twisted and perverted. People were losing faith in the government. If this trend had continued, it would have meant the end of our republic!

But God was not ready for that. He was going to save America—along with Britain and the Jewish nation. However, this would be only temporary, unless they deeply repent. There is no evidence this is going to happen.

Some ancient history—that is actually prophecy—reveals what God did.

‘Saving’ the Nation

I wrote about this in my article “Saving America From the Radical Left—Temporarily.”

Here is a brief summary: Anciently, the northern 10 tribes of the nation of Israel rebelled against Judah and the throne of David and formed a new nation, the kingdom of Israel. Following this rebellion, they suffered an unbroken string of curses and eventually succumbed to conquest and captivity. One of Israel’s last kings before its fall was Jeroboam ii. This king was evil (2 Kings 14:23-24), yet Scripture records that God actually used him to save the nation temporarily. Notice carefully: “He [Jeroboam ii] restored the coast of Israel from the entering of Hamath unto the sea of the plain …” (verse 25). Israel became more powerful than at any time since the days of Solomon. Despite its continued sin and rebellion, God blessed Israel with a resurgence. Why? “For the Lord saw the affliction of Israel [In Bible prophecy, the name of Israel was given specifically to America and Britain. This is explained in our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy.] …. And the Lord said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: but he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash” (verses 26-27). Israel was nearing collapse! Had God not intervened, then the devil would have realized his plan to blot out the very name of Israel! But God was merciful, and used Jeroboam to oversee one last age of prosperity. It was only temporary. God used it to give one final warning. Israel was soon after conquered and its people taken captive by the Assyrians.

At that time, Satan was trying to “blot out the name of Israel.” If you understand it, Israel has everything to do with God’s master plan to save humanity!

The book of Kings is one of the former prophets. That means it is prophecy for today. (Request my book The Former Prophets for proof.) Satan still wants to blot out Israel—of which America is the most powerful modern descendant. The devil wants to blot out the Constitution of this land and destroy this country!

This prophecy shows that the primary problem in America that God has to save Israel from today is the spirit of Antiochus! That man’s influence continues to plague America today through the “deep state,” which he largely controlled. Look at the corruption within the government that had taken hold. In a democracy, it is very hard to get those rotten people out of office.

For America to be saved, those agencies need to be cleaned up and made to abide by the rules. If they are driven by ideology rather than the Constitution and the law, then they will quickly turn America into a tyrannical state! That is what happens without government to implement the law—and that is what America was close to experiencing! But something happened to stop that—at least temporarily.

The Kingdom’s Court

An end-time prophecy in Amos 7 refers to the leader of modern-day America as Jeroboam. In the first chapter of my booklet Great Again, “Who Is the Modern-Day Jeroboam?”, I explain how this prophecy is being fulfilled by America’s current president. (Request a free copy.) As He did anciently, God is orchestrating a temporary resurgence in Israel by the hand of a “Jeroboam.”

This prophecy describes a confrontation between “Amaziah the priest of Bethel,” who speaks on Jeroboam’s behalf, and a prophet of God, typed by the Prophet Amos. Amaziah tells Amos, “O thou seer, go, flee thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there, But prophesy not again any more at Bethel: for it is the king’s chapel, and it is the king’s court” (verses 12-13). This is a very important scripture.

When Amaziah talks about “the king’s chapel,” this implies that Jeroboam has the backing of the nation’s religious people. Amaziah is saying, Get out! This is the king’s chapel—his religious place. We don’t want your religious message here! The word translated king’s refers to a man—the king, or president in this case.

Then Amaziah says “the king’s court.” Here the word for king’s is actually the Hebrew word meaning “kingdom.” It should read, “it is the kingdom’s court.” And the word court can refer to an assembly of buildings, or an area where the law is taught and practiced and used. Webster defines “court” as a “place where justice is dealt.” The Hebrew word could also mean “household”; one definition is, “a moveable house, a tent with a covenant in it.” Another source says, “place of any kind.” So this is very broad, and it is discussing the national power as governed by the president.

In Washington, D.C., is the Supreme Court building, where judges are to interpret the law. In the same area are buildings for the cia, the fbi, the Justice Department, the State Department, the Pentagon and others. Most of them were built during and after the Great Depression, when they had a lot of manpower to use, so they built some truly impressive structures for the government.

It is logical this prophecy is talking about these government structures, or agencies. After all, if Jeroboam is going to be used to save Israel, he would need the law on his side. He wouldn’t be able to use the government like he needed to without the legal structure behind him. He needs that power. The leader of end-time Israel in Amos 7 has a lot of power, but he has had to fight to get that power and hold it.

Revering the Law

On February 14, William Barr became United States attorney general. He seemed to come from nowhere. The timing of his nomination, hearings and confirmation is interesting. He was nominated by President Trump on Dec. 7, 2018. His confirmation hearings occurred on January 15 and 16, 2019. (For more information on those dates, request my free booklet January 16—God’s Miracle Day.) These are important prophetic dates that the Trumpet watches closely. Is this coincidence, or was God working something out here?

Mr. Barr was already attorney general once before; it is remarkable that he would take the job again. He is only the second man to serve two separate terms as attorney general; the first served back in the mid-19th century.

Barr loves the Constitution and understands it as few men do. During his confirmation hearing, he said he reveres the law. It has been a long time since America has had someone like this in the Department of Justice. It is refreshing to have someone praise and uphold the law at a time like this! This should be uncontroversial—but in a way, it has challenged the whole government structure in Washington!

Barr is very concerned about what Obama-era officials did to Donald Trump. He sees that something terribly wrong has been going on. He wants to understand why government officials were spying on an incoming president. He wants to know why the doj withheld information from the president regarding what the Russians were doing and regarding its investigation of him. Mr. Barr chose John Durham, a prosecutor who specializes in corruption and has a reputation as a “hard-charging bulldog,” to look into the origin of the Russian investigation. That has a lot of people on the Democratic side nervous, as it should! When you begin to apply the law, as Barr is, lawbreakers get nervous.

On June 8, 2018, William Barr sent a 19-page memo to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that stunned the Mueller team. It is a masterpiece about American law. And I believe God’s hand was in it.

Barr’s memo shows where Satan really got control of the Mueller investigation. It exposes what Mueller and his team were really doing. It dismantles their efforts to indict Mr. Trump for obstruction of justice, which he didn’t do. And it shows that those men have no love for the law—they were abusing and twisting it for evil purposes!

If you don’t think this is serious, think again. What is happening in the U.S. government is deeply important to all of us.

Obstruction of Justice?

The U.S. Code §1512 defines obstruction of justice. Subsection © says someone is guilty of obstruction when he “corruptly (1) alters, destroys, mutilates, or conceals a record, document, or other object, or attempts to do so, with the intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding; or (2) otherwise obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so” (emphasis mine).

Mueller essentially took that final clause to include anything the president might do that could be interpreted as even influencing an investigation. He plucked it out of its context about a witness tampering with or destroying evidence, and turned it into, in Barr’s words, “a free-standing, all-encompassing provision prohibiting any act influencing a proceeding if done with an improper motive.” This cannot possibly be what the clause means, because that would make it impossible for the president to do his job!

The president of the United States is the head of the executive branch of government. “The Constitution vests all federal law enforcement power, and hence prosecutorial discretion, in the president,” the Barr memo states (his emphasis). “Under the Constitution, the president’s authority over law enforcement matters is necessarily all-encompassing”—including the powers of appointment, removal and pardon.

Mueller said that one clause criminalizes otherwise lawful actions the president would take, such as firing someone or shutting down a case. Barr argues that this “would impermissibly infringe on the president’s constitutional authority and the functioning of the executive branch.” The idea thatany act that influences a proceedingis criminal obstruction would completely bind the government of the land! “[T]he Constitution vests plenary [or full and complete] authority over law enforcement proceedings in the president, and therefore one of the president’s core constitutional authorities is precisely to make decisions ‘influencing’ proceedings,” Barr wrote.

“The crux of Mueller’s position is that whenever the president exercises any of these discretionary powers and thereby influences a proceeding, he has completed the [guilty act] of the crime of obstruction,” Barr wrote. “To establish guilt, all that remains is evaluation of the president’s state of mind to divine whether he acted with a ‘corrupt’ motive.” Mueller believes that if he can find a “corrupt” motive in the mind of the president, then the president is guilty of obstruction.

This is diabolical reasoning that would destroy the president’s authority to enforce the law!

That is not the way the law works. These men who are bringing down America are psychoanalyzing people, searching for corrupt motives. But that isn’t the way the law is; it deals with clear and specific actions.

These men think they can “divine” whether Trump acted with a corrupt motive. That is a well-chosen word William Barr used, and it really is appropriate for what they are doing. It means “to prophesy, to guess, to find out by intuition.” Mueller thinks he can perceive corrupt motive based on intuition—and is basing his case against the president of the United States on intuition! Ludicrous! And he has over 15 lawyers who have an extremely biased, even hateful, view of President Donald Trump. How could these radical-left lawyers ever reach a just verdict with their intuition? As Barr wrote, “[I]f a doj investigation is going to take down a democratically elected president, it is imperative to the health of our system and to our national cohesion that any claim of wrongdoing is solidly based on evidence of a real crime—not a debatable one.” How true!

Another definition of divine, as an adjective, is, “of, like, or from God or a god.” That too is appropriate, because these men are acting as if they are God! Do you really want to be ruled by someone who thinks he can sit there and act like God, telling you that you have a corrupt motive? Do you want these men with corrupt minds judging you?

Mr. Integrity?

Barr continued, “Mueller seems to be claiming that the obstruction statute effectively walls off the president from exercising constitutional power over cases in which his own conduct is being scrutinized. This premise is clearly wrong constitutionally. … The Constitution itself places no limit on the president’s authority to act on matters which concern him or his own conduct. On the contrary, the Constitution’s grant of law enforcement power to the president is plenary. Constitutionally, it is wrong to conceive of the president as simply the highest officer within the executive branch hierarchy. He alone is the executive branch. As such, he is the sole repository of all executive powers conferred by the Constitution. Thus, the full measure of law enforcement authority is placed in the president’s hands, and no limit is placed on the kinds of cases subject to his counsel and supervision.”

President Trump welcomes Attorney General Barr to the White House.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
It is refreshing to see America regaining some sense of sanity thanks to an attorney general who honors the law and the Constitution.

Beyond all this is the issue of whether President Trump could even obstruct justice if he didn’t commit the initial crime, collusion with the Russians. Mueller found no evidence of collusion. And since Mr. Trump didn’t collude, then he had nothing to cover up. William Barr addresses this issue as well: “[I]f an investigation was bogus, the president ultimately had legitimate grounds for exercising his supervisory powers to stop the matter.” President Trump wasn’t obstructing justice; he was trying to destroy a witch hunt that was wrong and evil. Barr concluded, “Either the president and his campaign engaged in illegal collusion or they did not. If they did, then the issue of ‘obstruction’ is a sideshow. However, if they did not, then the cover-up theory is untenable.”

Mr. Mueller is called “Mr. Integrity.” But is that true? These men are so self-righteous they can’t see any problems with themselves. Their reasoning is right out of the mind of the devil!

Last year, newly fbi-released documents showed that back in 2002, when he was fbi director, Mueller opposed pardons for four men whom the fbi had wrongfully imprisoned for decades—because he didn’t want the bureau’s misconduct exposed. For political purposes, he purposefully let those innocent men rot in prison! Two of them died there. The other two exposed what happened and successfully sued the U.S. government for $102 million.

Who wants to live in a world where evil men will jail you and leave you there to avoid exposure? They act like they are full of compassion. These unelected men parade themselves as if they know everything and can lead the country competently. But in reality, their thinking and actions are diabolical!

Many Democrats thought Mueller would be able to prove absolutely that the president obstructed justice. That was Mueller’s goal. But Barr somehow understood what Mueller was doing and produced this memo, a masterpiece of law-based reasoning that exposed and condemned everything they were doing. Then Barr became attorney general, and Mueller was made to look like a fool! Between that memo and Barr’s quick ascension to attorney general, the Mueller team had to change their strategy.

Mueller’s efforts were part of the deep state that flowed from President Obama’s administration right into Mr. Trump’s presidency. Those unelected lawyers think they know better than everyone. I think God set them a trap—and then shredded the case for obstruction that Mueller was trying to prove. That is part of God temporarily saving America by the hand of Jeroboam.

Now they are being pursued by a man who reveres the law and loves the Constitution. I believe we are going to start to get an even clearer view of the rot that was there, and it will be significantly cleaned up! There are already whistle-blowers who see what Barr is doing and are coming forward to reveal the wrongdoing they are privy to.

I believe that God had a hand in Mr. Barr coming along. Somebody had to come in, reverse what the Obama administration had done, and help Jeroboam save Israel! And Amos 7:13 indicates that the president is going to gain control of what is done in those powerful federal buildings and be able to rule the country.

Restoring Rule of Law—Temporarily

It is refreshing to see America regaining some sense of sanity thanks to an attorney general who honors the law and the Constitution. But remember, the national resurgence brought about by this end-time Jeroboam is only temporary. Prophecy is clear that America’s ultimate fate is just as devastating, and even far worse, than the kingdom of Israel’s was anciently!

Why is the land only being saved temporarily? For the same reason this occurred anciently: because of the people’s rebellion against God! (Read “The King Who Saved Israel Temporarily” on page 4 of this issue for a short history lesson.)

King Jeroboam ii “did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord: he departed not from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who made Israel to sin” (2 Kings 14:24). The original Jeroboam had rejected God’s rule from the throne of David and changed the nation’s religion to suit his own purposes. (You can read all about this in my book The Former Prophets. Chapter 9 is, “Israel: The Way of Jeroboam”; request a free copy.) Jeroboam ii led the nation in the same false religious practices.

A movement in America today that supports the president has the appearance of religiousness and piety, but you cannot judge true religion by appearances! You must “prove all things” from the Bible, and very few are willing to do that! (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Whether or not people realize it, this modern-day Jeroboam and his supporters are committing the very same sin that their ancient counterparts did: rebelling against the throne of David, which is really God’s throne! The confrontation prophesied in Amos 7 underlines that fact; a similar confrontation with a true messenger of God will happen again.

The resurgence in America will not last long. God will begin chastening the nation and its leader in order to bring them to repentance. Soon the whole world will have to repent of their sin of rejecting His throne!

Bible history and prophecy clearly show that this nation—along with Britain and the Jewish state, who together form the three leading modern nations descended from ancient Israel—is about to experience the most terrifying time you can imagine! This holocaust will lead to the ultimate destruction of every nation on Earth!

But this nightmare is prophesied to be very short. And it will quickly be followed by the greatest resurgence in history—and a resurgence that is permanent!

The tribulation to come will lead directly into the establishment of David’s throne—the throne from which Jesus Christ will rule the whole Earth as King of kings! (Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 1:32). He will restore God’s truth and administer God’s law over the Earth and eventually the universe! (Habakkuk 2:14; Acts 3:19-21).

How wonderful that God reveals that spectacular future in advance, to give us all hope as we face such horrifying times. How marvelous that He explains the events that lead to that future, including what it means when a Jeroboam-type leader comes along and shocks everyone—especially the opposition—by turning things around in America. How magnificent to understand these events in the context of the larger prophetic panorama! Even the nightmares of the Great Tribulation make sense when you apprehend the inspiring bigger picture. Receiving this kind of understanding is priceless!

In fact, God says that those to whom He reveals this truth and who help Him proclaim it, those who wholeheartedly turn to Him and conquer the devil, will share His throne and help Him rule! (Revelation 3:19-21; 20:4). It may involve confrontation in the short term, as it did for Amos. But it comes with the magnificent honor of sitting on the throne of David with Jesus Christ forever!

That should make your imagination soar! See that vision! Be moved and stirred by it—and turn with your whole heart to the God who will transform that vision into reality!


News networks and publications cover what is happening in the United States government, but they are unable to explain it. To learn the hidden reason for the inexplicable turmoil in the government, request your free copies of Gerald Flurry’s booklets America Under Attack and Great Again.