Why ‘Sons of Zadok’?


The Prophet Ezekiel describes those who remain loyal to God during the end-time apostasy within God’s Church as “sons of Zadok” (Ezekiel 40:46; 44:15; 48:11). This is the exalted title God gives to the faithful members of the Philadelphia Church of God. Why? Here are seven reasons.

1) We cling to The United States and Britain in Prophecy.

This important book is the key to understanding what happened to David’s throne and how God has kept His promise to him. God revealed that truth to Herbert W. Armstrong. Yet after Mr. Armstrong died in 1986, his successors destroyed that book. Even those who broke away from the Worldwide Church of God declined to preach about the revelation God gave Mr. Armstrong in that book. Some of them thought they knew enough to put their own uninspired versions together, but they were shallow and out of touch with God. The pcg was the only church that printed the non-copyrighted 1945 version of that booklet. Then we fought in court for the greatly expanded 1980 version and won the right to print it. When the rest of God’s people rejected it, we clung to this important revelation.

2) We continue the dig in the City of David.

Mr. Armstrong was involved in archaeological projects and other activities in Jerusalem, the City of David. God opened that door for him—and then He kept it open, so we walked right through it! As impressive as Mr. Armstrong’s achievements were there, it is obvious that God saved all the more important finds related to David’s throne, including David’s palace and Solomon’s wall. God ensured that only the sons of Zadok—those who hang on to this deep vision about David’s throne in the last Church era—would be involved in those discoveries!

3) We are spiritual Jews who never lose the key of David vision.

Even as 95 percent of God’s people turn away, we cling to the truth about David’s throne. Our television program is named The Key of David. My booklet The Key of David contains a tremendous amount of new revelation on the subject from God (request a free copy). Clearly God wants us to get deeply into this truth as much as we possibly can.

4) We continue to let God deepen that vision.

Because of our love for the wonderful truth about the throne of David, God has revealed more and more about that vision to us. He has done so in a number of our articles about the former prophets, the booklet on Chronicles (The Book of Chronicles—also free upon request), and other ways.

5) We continue to follow Mr. Armstrong, who taught us the truth about David’s family throne.

6) We have staged musicals about Jeremiah and David, both centered on David’s throne.

In late 2012, the pcg produced Jeremiah—A Musical and Step-Dancing Extravaganza in Armstrong Auditorium, a musical with a message about David’s throne. A year later, we produced David—The Endless Throne Begins, even more directly about that subject. We have a message to deliver, and we deliver it in every way we possibly can.

7) We are doing all we can to proclaim the key of David message to Israel and the whole world.