Why the Trumpet?


This world is fast running out of hope—and time. Still, most people live with the illusion that science and technology will save us. But just the opposite is true.

Herbert W. Armstrong wrote, “The principal contribution of science and technology has been the development of constantly more terrifying weapons of mass destruction. This has brought us to today’s number-one problem—human survival. Science and technology are not evil in themselves, but an important facet in a good civilization—if we had one. The evil lies in the materialistic concept—the ‘get’ approach to life instead of the spiritual ‘give’ attitude of outflowing love and concern for one’s fellow man.

“Modern science stands exposed as a false messiah—about to destroy us all!”

But there is hope.

Some of you have been reading the Trumpet for years. But many of you are new subscribers. Our newer readers might find it amazing that the Trumpet is barely ten years old (though we continue the work started by Herbert W. Armstrong in 1927). We’re still young—in fact, we only published our 100th issue in late 1999.

We have benefitted from advancing technology. From the beginning, the Trumpet has been completely computer-generated, although our first issue was little more than a photocopy of a word-processing document. So technology has quickly brought this magazine up to a level of quality that would make any newsmagazine proud. But there is more to this magazine than its appearance. You have, no doubt, already noticed that.

This magazine is unique. There is no other magazine on the planet like it.

You need to understand why.

The Trumpet is “a voice crying in the wilderness.” There are many voices in a wilderness of mass confusion in the world today. That’s one of the drawbacks to living in the Information Age—there’s too much information. You hear a multitude of “voices,” but all have a false hope. There is one voice—and only one voice—that offers an awesome hope—a real solution to all of our frightening problems.

And you don’t have to guess about where that voice is. You can prove this message true, every step of the way.

We deliver a trumpet message—it has the opposite effect of a soothing violin. We have to proclaim the worst message ever read or heard by mankind. But far more important, we deliver the best news that man has ever received—or ever will receive!

One newsmagazine wrote that mankind needs “a strong hand from someplace” to solve our problems. That is what the Trumpet’s message is all about. And it comes at a time when human survival depends on it!

The old adage that “it is darkest just before the dawn” is so true today. You need to hear about the darkness and the dawn.

This issue of the Trumpet gives you both. But there is more emphasis on the bad news. That is so you can respond in a way that will eliminate most of the bad news in your life now!

We are on the verge of a world full of hope, peace and an abundant life of endless joy. If you respond to this message, you have the unparalleled honor of helping to usher it in!