The Scary Truth Behind the Milosevic Trial


The greatest intelligence failure of the past five years was not about Iraq. It was intelligence about Slobodan Milosevic and events leading up to the Balkans war. But strangely, we hear very little about this subject.

The media and our educational institutions are becoming more and more like Hollywood—they too often live in a fantasy world.

We have said from the beginning of the Balkans war that Germany, aided by the Vatican, led nato into that war. And it did it with blatantly deceptive intelligence.

Germany and the Vatican are the heart of the rising Holy Roman Empire. This is the seventh resurrection of that bloody empire. (Write for our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire to fully understand this subject.) This empire received its fame by wading through rivers of blood and conquering other nations. And it is going to start World War iii. In a sense, the Balkans are the first victim of World War iii. There will be many more victims.

Germany and the Vatican recognized Catholic Croatia (a Nazi puppet state under Hitler) as a breakaway republic from Yugoslavia. Most nations disagreed with that decision. But Germany prevailed, and it led to a civil war in the Balkans.

German leaders started and sustained the intelligence reports about genocide being committed by Slobodan Milosevic in the Balkans. We have proven that in our booklet The Rising Beast. (All of our books and booklets are free.)

Where Is the Proof?

Here is what Neil Clark, a Balkans specialist, wrote in the Guardian newspaper of London, February 12: “It is two years today that the trial of Slobodan Milosevic opened at The Hague. The chief prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, was triumphant as she announced the 66 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide that the former Yugoslavian president was charged with. cnn was among those who called it ‘the most important trial since Nuremburg’ as the prosecution outlined the ‘crimes of medieval savagery’ allegedly committed by the ‘butcher of Belgrade.’

“But since those heady days, things have gone horribly wrong for Ms. Del Ponte. The charges relating to the war in Kosovo were expected to be the strongest part of her case. But not only has the prosecution signally failed to prove Milosevic’s personal responsibility for atrocities committed on the ground, the nature and extent of the atrocities themselves has also been called into question.

“Numerous prosecution witnesses have been exposed as liars—such as Bilall Avdiu, who claimed to have seen ‘around half a dozen mutilated bodies’ at Racak, scene of the disputed killings that triggered the U.S.-led Kosovo war. Forensic evidence later confirmed that none of the bodies had been mutilated. Insiders who we were told would finally spill the beans on Milosevic turned out to be nothing of the kind. Rade Markovic, the former head of the Yugoslavian secret service, ended up testifying in favor of his old boss, saying that he had been subjected to a year and a half of ‘pressure and torture’ to sign a statement prepared by the court. Ratomir Tanic, another ‘insider,’ was shown to have been in the pay of British intelligence.

“When it came to the indictments involving the wars in Bosnia and Croatia, the prosecution fared little better. In the case of the worst massacre with which Milosevic has been accused of complicity—of between 2,000 and 4,000 men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995—Del Ponte’s team have produced nothing to challenge the verdict of the five-year inquiry commissioned by the Dutch government—that there was ‘no proof that orders for the slaughter came from Serb political leaders in Belgrade.’”

These are shocking facts about trumped-up intelligence against Milosevic. Germany virtually pulled the whole world into this massive crime!

But what does it mean? It is the strongest sign in recent years that Germany has not repented of its Nazi past. It is the best indicator of where Germany and the European Union are headed.

And now Germany has shown in the Iraqi war that it is not the friend of America and Britain. This bitter ingratitude came after Britain and America, at first strongly against Germany’s recognizing Croatia, caved in to Germany’s war—causing belligerence. And America provided 80 percent of the power to beat Milosevic into submission.

It was also America that rebuilt Germany after World War ii. Still, German ingratitude is overwhelming. Something has gone seriously wrong in Germany—again! How long will it take America and Britain to awaken?

America and Britain had no reason to fear Milosevic. But we have every reason to fear a militant Germany, leading the EU—a coming superpower soon to rival America.

Have we forgotten that Germany started World War i and World War ii? Now it is bullying Europe. And its aggressive tactics will spread around the world. The German Reich (or empire) is back. And the Germans will be expanding their empire, as they have done throughout history.

The media won’t stop screaming about faulty intelligence on Iraq. I’m still not convinced there were no weapons of mass destruction (wmd). Can anyone imagine Saddam Hussein destroying his wmd? Also, there is no evidence he did so. Still the media cling to the Iraqi intelligence failure (and there were obviously some mistakes). At the same time, they avoid the painful truth about the Milosevic trial. And he was a mild dictator compared to Saddam Hussein.

Superpowers have been destroyed in history for refusing to face the hard truths. America and Britain are going to pay a heavy price for deceiving themselves about Germany and the Balkans war. But for the time being, they refuse to face their hideous crime.

Lies to Justify the War

John Laughland is European director of the European Foundation, the leading London-based Eurorealist think tank. He is also the author of The Tainted Source—The Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea—a very ominous title! It is a subject very consistent with what we have been writing about the EU for over 50 years.

Here is what he wrote in the Spectator magazine of Britain, July 10: “For a few hours on Monday, the world’s human rights establishment was seized by terror. Slobodan Milosevic had been due to begin his defense at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (icty) in The Hague, but instead discussion focused on the former president’s fragile health, which has been made worse by the rigors of the trial. When the presiding judge, Patrick Robinson, said that a ‘radical review’ of the proceedings would now be necessary, many do-gooders feared that their worst nightmare was about to be realized—that the international community’s main trophy in its crusade for morality might, if only on medical grounds, be allowed to walk free.”

“Do-gooders” are some of the most dangerous people on this planet! They often have strong views based on little understanding. And this is a dangerous age to have strong influence combined with distorted reasoning.

Mr. Laughland also wrote that “the two-year prosecution case has been a nearly unmitigated disaster. Since the trial started in February 2002, the prosecution has wheeled out more than 100 witnesses, and it has produced 600,000 pages of evidence. Not a single person has testified that Milosevic ordered war crimes. Whole swaths of the indictment on Kosovo have been left unsubstantiated, even though Milosevic’s command responsibility here is clearest. And when the prosecution did try to substantiate its charges, the result was often farce” (ibid.; emphasis mine throughout).

Can that be true? “Not a single person has testified that Milosevic ordered war crimes.” He is a saint compared to Saddam Hussein!

But today the do-gooders are out defending Saddam and prosecuting Milosevic! It’s a very dangerous way to reason in the age of wmd.

Here is another statement by Mr. Laughland: “Serious doubt has also been cast on some of the most famous atrocity stories. Remember the refrigerator truck whose discovery in the Danube in 1999, full of bodies, was gleefully reported as Milosevic was transferred to The Hague in June 2001? The truck had allegedly been retrieved from the river and then driven to the outskirts of Belgrade, where its contents were interred in a mass grave. But cross-examination showed that there is no proof that the bodies exhumed were the ones in the truck, nor that any of them came from Kosovo. Instead, it is quite possible that the Batajnica mass grave dated from the Second World War, while the refrigerator truck may have contained Kurds being smuggled to Western Europe, the victims of a grisly traffic accident. The realization is now dawning that lies were peddled to justify the Kosovo war ….

“In February, the chief prosecutor herself, Carla del Ponte, admitted that she did not have enough evidence to convict Milosevic on the most serious charges” (ibid.).

That is quite an admission from the chief prosecutor. But where are the “truth seeking” media? Most of them are silent on this issue.

All kinds of lies were told to justify the Balkans war! That has now been abundantly proven. Slobodan’s sin is simply that he was an enemy of Germany and the Vatican—the Holy Roman Empire.

Now many critics are saying that lies were told to justify the Iraqi war. But that charge has never been backed by evidence. Iraq, under Saddam, was a terrorist-sponsoring nation. And the only way to win the war against terrorism is to stop terrorist-sponsoring nations. That is the big picture that escapes most of our people.

Such is the world in which we live. But there is more.

“The supposedly impartial judges have been deeply complicit in this prosecution bungling,” Laughland continued. “The icty has long been characterized by an unhealthy community of interests between the judges and the prosecutors; I have myself heard the first president of the icty, Judge Antonio Cassese, boast that he encouraged the prosecutor to issue indictments against the Bosnian Serb leaders, a statement which should disqualify him from serving as a judge ever again. In the Milosevic trial, the judges have admitted a tawdry parade of ‘expert witnesses’ who are not, in fact, witnesses to anything. In Britain, the role of experts is rightly under the spotlight after the convictions of some 250 parents found guilty of killing their babies have been thrown into doubt precisely because they relied on this kind of testimony; but in the icty you can be a ‘witness’ without ever having set foot in Yugoslavia.

“Numerous other judicial abuses have been legitimized by the icty. The use of hearsay evidence is now so out of control that people are often allowed to testify that they heard someone say something about someone else. It is common for the icty to offer reduced sentences (five years in one case) to men convicted of hideous crimes, mass murder for instance, if they agree to testify against Milosevic” (ibid.).

So much for justice coming out of the International Criminal Court in The Hague!

There is a vital lesson here. This gives us a good insight into the justice system of the coming EU superpower. Let the world beware!

But don’t despair. Worldwide justice is coming in this generation, and that is not a fantasy. Request our booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like.

This whole Balkans affair is a classic example of how human nature rarely seeks the truth. It is very human to seek only the truth that fits into one’s distorted view of the world. Such reasoning is why our number-one problem today is that of human survival! So don’t expect the media and politicians to change their perspective on the Balkans.

The Milosevic history gets even more twisted. Who is really being cleansed ethnically?

Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide

Here is a statement from Stratfor Systems, Oct. 17, 1999: “On March 22 [1999], British Prime Minister Tony Blair told the House of Commons, ‘We must act to save thousands of innocent men, women and children from humanitarian catastrophe, from death, barbarism and ethnic cleansing by a brutal dictatorship.’ The next day, as the air war began, President Clinton stated, ‘What we are trying to do is to limit his [Milosevic’s] ability to win a military victory and engage in ethnic cleansing and slaughter innocent people and to do everything we can to induce him to take this peace agreement.’

As nato’s first intervention in a sovereign nation, the war in Kosovo required considerable justification. Throughout the year, nato officials built their case, first calling the situation in Kosovo ‘ethnic cleansing,’ and then ‘genocide.’ In March, State Department spokesman James Rubin told reporters that nato did not need to prove that the Serbs were carrying out a policy of genocide because it was clear that crimes against humanity were being committed. But just after the war in June, President Bill Clinton again invoked the term, saying, ‘nato stopped deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and genocide.’”

But did that ethnic cleansing and genocide really happen? There is no proof. But there is proof that the Serbs are suffering from ethnic cleansing!

Here is what George Jonas wrote in Canada’s National Post, March 22: “The Western powers that went into Kosovo to prevent ethnic cleansing have ended up presiding over it. Last week, nearly 1,000 Serbs fled their homes after Albanian Muslims attacked Serb Christians in their churches and villages. They were the latest of about 200,000 Serbs driven from the province since nato bombed Serbia into submission in 1999. Last Friday, news agencies quoted Admiral Gregory Johnson, U.S. commander of nato forces for southern Europe, as saying that ‘this kind of activity almost amounts to ethnic cleansing.’

“Admiral Johnson added a wistful comment: ‘That’s why we came here in the first place.’ The remark indicates that after 200,000 refugees, the coin may be dropping even for nato’s brass. …

“As justification for nato’s intervention, Mr. Clinton often invoked comparisons with the Holocaust. In a May 1999 speech, for instance, the U.S. president declared the allies were bombing Yugoslavia to put an end to regimes that persecute people on the basis of ‘how they worship or who their parents were.’ It was a good sound bite—except Yugoslavia’s ethnic Albanians weren’t being expelled because of their ancestry or their choice of worship. If the thuggish regime of Slobodan Milosevic was trying to drive them out of Kosovo, it was because they’d been fighting the Serbs for the mastery of the region. Comparisons with the Holocaust were bogus.”

Germany’s Strategy

State by state, the country of Yugoslavia has been conquered. Even the name Yugoslavia is being discarded.

Most of this conquering was accomplished with U.S. military power. But it is Germany and the European Union that are taking control of the former Yugoslavia. And Germany is giving the U.S. no credit, though it does often blame America for many of the problems that have developed.

Former Yugoslavia is a part of the Balkans, or Balkan Peninsula, along with Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and European Turkey. The Balkan Peninsula is an extremely important strategic area.

The Adriatic Sea is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. The German-led EU is also working hard to get control of the Mediterranean Sea—of even greater strategic importance.

Look at any map and you can see the strategic value. However, it seems only Germany fully realizes the significance of these areas. The Germans are willing to challenge the whole world to gain control of them. It seems nobody has asked WHY these areas are so important to Germany!

Where is this leading?

The same spirit that caused Germany to start two world wars still prevails in that land! Soon the whole world will understand. Shocking as it may be, your Bible prophesies that people by the multiple millions will once again suffer from Germany’s violent attacks, as the Germans lead Europe.

This major turnaround in the Balkans has caused Europe to look to Germany once again. The Balkans war was a watershed event in the new direction of Europe. Germany is about to shock the world as it has never done before! And it has a rich history of shocking the world.

Notice what Sir Winston Churchill said, May 31, 1935: “Everywhere these countries are being made to look to Germany in a special way.”

And today all of Europe is looking to Germany in a special way. The outcome will be frighteningly similar to World War ii—except it will be about 10,000 times more destructive!

It seems we have learned nothing from Germany’s history. Even terrifying events like World War ii taught us nothing—just as Winston Churchill warned the world in the 1930s that it had learned nothing from Germany’s history and World War i.

Here is what Churchill said Feb. 7, 1934: “Not one of the lessons of the past has been learned, not one of them has been applied, and the situation is incomparably more dangerous.

And the situation today “is incomparably more dangerous,” with our weapons of mass destruction, than it was in World War ii!

When Germany starts World War iii, we will finally learn some lessons—but only after America, Britain and the little nation called Israel today have become victims.

The booklets we offer you will explain how our nations could be saved from this coming catastrophe. If the nations refuse to respond, you can still avoid this calamity. But there isn’t much time, so we hope you act before it is too late!