Washington Embraces Egypt’s Brotherhood


JERUSALEM—On Sunday, Egypt’s new president Mohammed Morsi ordered the Egyptian parliament to get back to work, a decision that defies the Constitutional Court’s June 14 decision to dissolve parliament.

Monday, Egypt’s Constitutional Court reasserted that its ruling was “final and binding” and the military announced it would expect all state agencies to respect the constitutional decree. But many members of the dissolved parliament, which is set to reconvene today, have vowed to force their way into the parliament buildings if they have to.

Yesterday the Telegraphreported, “Amid rumors that a compromise was being negotiated, there were signs that the military would seek to avoid violence.

“A number of soldiers outside the parliament buildings appeared to have been withdrawn last night and no efforts were made to prevent one M.P. from going inside. Guards who remained said they would not stop other members from entering.”

This tug-of-war might continue for a little while longer. However, if you’ve noticed anything about Egypt over the last several months, it’s the Egyptian military that keeps backing down—not the Muslim Brotherhood!

As Robert Morley wrote in his column on Tuesday, “Morsi’s move was a direct challenge to the former military rulers. It shows his strength. But more importantly, it shows the direction Morsi wants to take Egypt—away from the more secular constitution and into a fundamentalist Islamic future.”

Now you can see now why the military desperately wanted to limit the president’s new powers once it became clear that the Muslim Brotherhood would win the election a few weeks ago. Now, just two weeks into his presidency, look at what is happening. Morsi seems confident that he can simply take those powers to himself. And who will step forward and stop him?

There may be a few delays along the way, but do you really think any individual or group will be able to turn back the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt?

As the Trumpet has been reporting for years, the changes in Egypt are leading to an Islamic-led regional power that will soon align itself with the forces of radical Islam, headed by Iran.

And the shocking thing is, Washington is embracing this new extremist government! As Mr. Morley wrote, “[O]n June 14, the same day Egypt’s Supreme Court was ruling on the unlawful parliamentary election, Mohammed Morsi’s supreme spiritual guide, Mohamad Badie, was preaching that jihad against Israel was a religious obligation. Since Israel is supposedly America’s ally, one would think that President Obama might have been concerned—especially since Badie is Morsi’s supreme religious guide. Badie said Muslims are required to engage in ‘jihad of self and money’ toward the goal of ‘freeing [Jerusalem] from the filth of the Zionists and imposing Muslim rule throughout beloved Palestine.’”

This is the administration America helped to install in place of Hosni Mubarak! This is supposedly America’s new Egyptian ally!

Make sure you read Mr. Morley’s column for the full story on what is happening in Egypt.