Cleansing the German Conscience?

The nation’s elites are going all-out to admit Germany’s past guilt—why?

Some denied it. Many knew it, but for decades it was still too taboo to talk about. Now, the German government has acknowledged it outright: After the Nazis lost World War ii, the new government of Germany was filled with—Nazis. Government officials with ties to the Nazi Party “were the rule rather than the exception,” Deutsche Welle reported on March 3.

Students of this subject have known for years that the postwar Adenauer government was riddled with Nazis. Since 1961, when T.H. Tetens published The New Germany and the Old Nazis, it has been common knowledge that “Hitler’s own” managed to return to power in almost every walk of life: industry, banking, education, foreign office, police, the courts and especially Germany’s postwar secret service. All after the Nazi scourge was defeated and supposedly eliminated by the Allies.

Now this is becoming more and more well documented and well known. And German leaders are reacting. But not the way you might think. Berlin is undertaking a thorough investigation of this dark chapter in its history and is publicly airing the details. Why? And, after waiting almost 60 years to mount such an investigation, why now?


The fact that masses of Nazis penetrated Germany’s postwar government was well known to the U.S. government. However, after the war, Russia emerged as an overt hegemonic power intent on global domination, and America’s foreign policy quickly became stridently anti-ussr. That Nazi element within Germany was viewed as being powerfully resistant to the encroachment of Soviet communism during the Cold War.

Thus, the Allies, of all people, actually went to great effort to cover up these Nazi roots of Germany’s postwar administration.

The upshot was this: Nazi war criminals were released en masse from Allied-controlled prisons, their sentences commuted. Unrepentant Nazi-oriented persons carefully merged back into German society.

Less than 15 years after the Allies defeated the Nazis, Kurt Tauber observed in the New York Times Magazine that Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s leadership oversaw “the return to social, economic and political power of precisely those commercial and industrial elites who supported a megalomaniac imperialism under the [Hitler] empire” (Dec. 27, 1959).

Getting rid of Hitler did not get rid of the German aristocratic elite, nor did it terminate their pursuit of a new Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. After the war, these elites were quickly returned to positions of power and influence in German society. Though they failed to resurrect their old imperialist vision with Hitler, they would try again—this time in the guise of a European union.

We have seen this vision playing out in the headlines ever since. Europe is now undeniably led by a politically, industrially and economically resurgent Germany. The signs are it will soon add military dominance to that power.

As Tauber correctly observed of these imperialist German elites and their lust for power, “They do not much care whether they hold it under a monarchy, share it with a petty bourgeois dictatorship or wield it in a conservative republic.” They remain “what they always were: fiercely anti-socialist, largely anti-democratic, authoritarian in their social views and habits of thought, opposed to what they call the excesses of party democracy. … They tend to be anti-Semitic in a generalized way and they are intensely patriotic” (ibid). He could also have added the fact that, overwhelmingly, their religious loyalty is to Rome.

One significant finding in Germany’s recent investigations is the nature of its secret service. From the outset, with the connivance of senior American bureaucrats, ex-Nazi SS officers were recruited into the ranks of the new spy corps (today known as the bnd—Germany’s cia). This intelligence entity was originally headed by Reinhard Gehlen, a general in Adolf Hitler’s army, who recruited other high-ranking Nazis into the fledgling bnd.

The German government commission investigating the Nazi penetration of Germany’s postwar administration has found that, for West Germany, “after the war’s end, ‘continuities in personnel among civil servants were relatively high.’ Experts estimate that on average 70 percent of the personnel were able to continue their work without problems after 1945 despite having been employed in ministries and agencies during Nazi rule. Some even suggest that figure could be closer to 90 percent” (emphasis added throughout).

Spiegel reported on March 6 that “No ministry in West Germany was spared the army of surviving accomplices, helpers and accessories.” Even “parts of the government that were seemingly above suspicion began recalling their own problems.”

The Spiegel article quoted Karl Jaspers, the philosopher of West Germany’s formative years, saying in 1966, “This continued activity of the old National Socialists is a fundamental affliction of the inner constitution of the Federal Republic.”

Purging the Blot

This flurry of belated investigative activity into the Nazi penetration of Germany’s postwar government was ostensibly triggered by a series of racially motivated murders committed by a neo-Nazi terror cell. “Critics allege that security agencies like the police and particularly the Office for the Protection of the Constitution had failed completely—and that they had possibly even turned a blind eye to the neo-Nazi terrorists,” Deutsche Welle reported. “The question that worries many is whether neo-Nazi sympathizers may still occupy high German offices” (op. cit.).

The same source went public on the fact that “The better part of the Nazis’ bureaucratic apparatus and personnel was simply reinstated after 1945, and silence about officials’ own past shaped the intellectual climate in government institutions. … But it is significant that systematic investigations into continuities within the government’s personnel came so late after the end of the war.” Significant, yes—and most convenient. For when questions were finally raised, the damage was already done. A whole generation of government administrators and bureaucrats had been schooled in the imperialist mindset of the German elites. Many of the bureaucrats later moved on to Brussels to help mold the EU into the Teutonic enterprise it has become.

Deutsche Welle further observed, “There is still much research to do when it comes to uncovering how careers in German bureaucracy continued before and after 1945. The German Foreign Ministry led the way in 2005, when then Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer commissioned several historians to investigate the ministry’s past. The result was published in 2010, under the title Das Amt und die Vergangenheit (The Office and the Past).”

This information was suppressed for decades. Then the Left Party demanded full disclosure, and the lid was lifted off the can of worms. But remember, those German elites are entrenched deeply in Berlin. So why would they allow such a confession?

Given the control these powerful elites have over the German government, any exposure of the facts would have to be suppressed until the timing fit their agenda.

That time is now. And that agenda is to mold public opinion to support a newly moralistic regime—a regime that has “come clean” and is thereby seemingly divorced from its Nazi past and free to pursue a future freed of that dark legacy.

These elites do have to contend with public opinion, both at home and abroad. To this end they know that in order to have the newly dominant German nation treated with respect domestically and internationally, it needs to achieve two goals. The first has to do with the revival of pride in the postwar achievements of Germany as a nation, especially its rise to power since reunification in 1990. The second has to do with its legitimate acceptance as a world power on the international stage.

One huge blot continues to inhibit both of these goals. It is the most brutally horrific page in Germany’s war-stained history—the legacy of the Nazi era, culminating in the Holocaust.

This is why German elites are now pushing to salve the national conscience and soothe other countries’ concerns of a return to that ghastly past. These elites are, for the first time, going public in admitting that the Adenauer government collaborated with certain underground Nazi elements—and certain sympathetic Allied leaders—to free condemned Nazi criminals and weave them tightly into the new political, economic and social fabric of postwar Germany.

This is a masterful stroke of Nietzsche-like psychology. Its timing perfectly coordinates with the rise to power of a newly assertive Germany. It is a great public relations stunt that no doubt will convince many to believe what they want to believe: that Germany’s full confession of guilt will finally bury the last vestiges of any attachment that today’s Germany has with its dark Nazi past.

Yet to believe this is to be blind to the inevitable cycle of history—let alone to biblical prophecy for our times.

A Symbolic Building

Not far from the center of Munich, there is a construction site. There, a building is being erected on the old site of the Brown House—formerly Nazi Party headquarters.

This new building, rising from a hugely symbolic site in the very city that Hitler called the capital of his regime, will be Munich’s Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism. “The center will give a detailed history of the Nazi regime, from the very place where the crimes and terror were once organized,” Deutsche Welle reported on March 10. “An impressive working group of experts, historians and architects have been working on the design of the new center.” The basic design seeks to incorporate the remaining aspects of the original building into the presentation. One of the project’s managers said, “It’s hoped a link between past and present Munich can be achieved.”

The link between past and present will be hard to miss. As Deutsche Welle reported, “The foundation stone of the new building was laid March 9—directly next to the Munich University of Music and Theater, also a building from the Nazi era” (ibid). In fact, that building was constructed as Hitler’s headquarters. His office on the second floor is now used as a rehearsal room for young musicians.

“Nearby are a number of buildings with historical relevance as well,” this report continued. “There are the neo-classical museums of Königsplatz—it was on this square that the Nazis burned outlawed books in 1933—and the city’s Ludwig Maximillian University, where Hans and Sophie Scholl and others from the ‘White Rose’ student protest group distributed anti-Nazism flyers.

“The new documentation center will look very different to the surrounding buildings. It’s designed as a cube with large windows that allows passers-by to look deep into history. It will be modern, simple and not too ostentatious—a building very different to the ‘Brown House’ that once stood here.”

Just how the public will perceive these reminders of history will be interesting to observe. Rather than distance itself from memories of the Third Reich by seeking a building site for its Nazi archive in Munich in a city zone free from much of the city’s past Nazi activity, German elites have placed their museum right at the very heart of where so many infamous deeds of Hitler’s regime were perpetrated.

It’s an interesting psychological angle—very Nietzsche-like in its warped mentality.

Some think that this museum will contain findings from the current government’s investigation into its Nazi past—facts that past governments went to great pains to hide. If so, German elites will then rest in the hope that, in their minds, the demons of Germany’s Nazi past are purged. A fresh new chapter for the nation’s newly dominant role in Europe and in the global arena will then be open.

Allegiance to Rome

What will that new chapter bring? This regime will replace memories of the Nazi swastika with the crusading cross. Germany’s old moral arbiter, the religion of Rome, will rise to prominence. Rome is even now launching a new crusade to evangelize Europe and revive Catholicism to its dominant position, especially in the homeland of Bavarian Pope Benedict xvi.

The vision of German elites—both today and in the Nazi-saturated postwar years—is about to be realized. How? By the reassertion of Rome’s religion over the rising Fourth Reich. Such a short time on from when Allied leaders had vowed that an industrialized, militarized Germany would never be permitted to rise again to wreak havoc on the globe, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation will be a fact once again.

But this time, that old empire in its seventh and final prophesied resurrection, though it be terribly destructive—first on old Persia and its allies, but most especially on the Anglo-Saxon nations—will be brief. Within 2½ years of its seizing power, it will become the victim of another great imperialist force, led by Russia and China.

How can we know with such specificity and certainty? This is all prophesied in detail in your Bible.

The scenario now building before your eyes in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East is creating a great global disorder that will culminate with the greatest war man has ever witnessed. That devastation will finally end in the grand-smash climax: the armies of the world attacking a force they will find impossible to overcome—the armies of the King of kings!

These events, which we have broadcast and published for over 70 years, are unbelievably close!

How do we know? Because we have been tracking world events and lived through their detailed fulfillment of absolutely inerrant Bible prophecies—forecast, in some instances, over 3,000 years in advance!

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