Remove the Mystery From Your Bible!

Scripture answers life’s most puzzling questions. But who can understand it?

We are facing a world that is more dangerous than it has ever been. Governments are warring against their own people. Entire countries are becoming unstable. Economies are failing. Weather disasters are causing destruction and taking lives. Many Western nations are divided and weak, while others are becoming stronger, growing more belligerent and developing horrific weapons. Meanwhile, our families are shattered, we suffer from racial division, our morals are perverted, we are addicted to drugs, and crime is out of control. This world is suffering!

Can we ever solve any of these huge, huge problems? If we’re honest, we have to admit that these crises are so bad that survival is now the number one problem for the human race!

Is there any hope?

The answer is yes! There are solutions, and they are found in your Bible! If we could just follow these solutions, we would be able to fix these major crises and stop the suffering. But the problem is, the Bible is a mystery. Education doesn’t understand it, science doesn’t understand it—religion doesn’t even understand it! People just assume the Bible says this or that, but they don’t really know what it actually says.

We need to remove the mystery from the Bible.

But how do we do that? The Bible itself says that when we really understand it, it will fill our lives with joy. But this book doesn’t make sense to most people; reading it leaves them confused, and so God is not real to them. So they continue living with all these terrible problems, not understanding the answers that could make such a difference in their lives!

“Did you ever ask yourself, Who am I? What am I? Why am I? You are a mystery. The world about you is a mystery. Now you can understand!” That is how Herbert W. Armstrong introduced his book Mystery of the Ages. I want to talk to you about this book, because it does something that no other book does!

Mysteries You Need to Understand!

Each chapter of Mystery of the Ages addresses one of seven mysteries that has bewildered this world for centuries:

Chapter One: “Who and What Is God?” Many people talk about God. Some people think they know God. But if you really press them, you realize that they just don’t know God—certainly not the God of the Bible! And this is the most important relationship there is, the most important part of life! Proving that there is a God, and knowing who He is will change your life. Yet there is perhaps nothing in the world that is so confusing and maligned and unknown as who and what God is.

Chapter Two: “The Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits.” Are there such things as angels and demons? Do you believe in spiritual beings? The Bible talks a lot about them, but this subject is a complete mystery to people. For example, do you know who the god of this world is? It’s not God! 2 Corinthians 4:4 says that the devil is the god of this world! Because we have rejected God, He has let us go our own way, and evil spirits have quite an influence. Doesn’t that explain why human beings can perpetrate such morbid perversity? Ezekiel 28 describes in detail how Lucifer failed and became Satan. Yet to most people, angels and evil spirits seem incomprehensible.

Chapter Three: “The Mystery of Man.” What is our purpose? Why are we on Earth? Are we here to try to have pleasure—or maybe have a lot of suffering—and then die? Animals can have that kind of existence! But we are so much more than animals! Genesis 1:26 describes the creation of man. There God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ….” Animals were made after the animal kind. But here God says that man is made after the God kind! It will astound you when you fully understand what that means for your future!

Chapter Four: “The Mystery of Civilization.” Civilization is going haywire in 2012. Almost any way you look at it, human civilization is a catastrophically failed experiment. We don’t understand how our civilizations began, or why they have so many deep-rooted problems that just cannot be solved. Yet when you understand when and how mankind rejected God, you realize that the entire tower of human civilization is built on a faulty foundation. This is the secret behind why our world is what it is.

Chapter Five: “The Mystery of Israel.” Did you know that the Bible is essentially a book about Israel? Do you know why? You can’t understand the Bible until you know! We don’t know much about Israel today. And yet if you read what the Bible says, you find out that it’s all about Israel! That was the only nation that knew God. God led the Israelites personally and gave them everything they needed to take God’s way to the whole world. So there is great depth to understanding the mystery of this nation.

Chapter Six: “The Mystery of the Church.” Look at all the churches today—many of them fighting each other, all of them confused. Is that what God’s Church is supposed to be like? What is the real purpose of the Church, anyway? What is it supposed to do? God says it has the most important job on Earth—what is it? When you look into the Bible, you realize that God’s true Church today is spiritual Israel. It must take His message to the whole world, showing what the Bible means, and giving everyone the answers to the biggest questions they have ever faced. When you really comprehend this mystery, you realize that God intends His message to get out to every man, woman and child on Earth—and you learn how He is going to do it!

Chapter Seven: “The Mystery of the Kingdom of God.” You may have heard of the Kingdom of God, but do you know what the Bible says about what it really is? Is it heaven? Is it something in our hearts? Jesus clearly told us what this Kingdom is, but do you know your Bible well enough—and do you believe it for what it says enough—to understand? Mystery of the Ages can help you do just that!

This book is the key to understanding the Bible! The Bible is actually a coded book, and Mystery of the Ages decodes it!

It unlocks seven gigantic mysteries that have confused and frustrated mankind for our entire history. Go to any institution, ask anyone out there the answer to these towering mysteries, and they won’t be able to answer them! This world just doesn’t know!

Why not? Even that is revealed in the Bible.

You Can Know God!

In Acts 17, Paul spoke to the Athenians, who had a monument for every god you could think of, including one for “the unknown god.” Paul told them, That is the God I’m talking to you about. Matthew 13:15 says that the reason for such confusion is that people have closed their minds to God. They don’t like to retain God in their knowledge (Romans 1:28). Revelation 12:9—perhaps most shocking of all—says that this whole world is deceived! Could that be why it’s acting like it is? Doesn’t that make sense? That is why people don’t know God. But you can.

When Jesus Christ Himself came to this Earth, do you know how many people were converted and followed Him? One hundred and twenty! There’s a deep truth behind that: God the Father and Jesus Christ are not trying to save the whole world today! In fact, Jesus spoke in parables so that most of the people listening wouldn’t understand. He has a much deeper plan for this world than what people usually assume.

Herbert Armstrong wrote Mystery of the Ages to prove the Bible, and to help you and me understand it. Every page shows how the Bible interprets itself if we will simply believe what it says! He was a voice crying out in this confused world—in fact, the only voice opening our eyes to what God says about these important issues that affect all of us, telling us how to stop the suffering. Mystery of the Ages is a magnificent summary of his life’s work; he published it shortly before he died on Jan. 16, 1986.

There is another twist to the story. After Mr. Armstrong died, his successors betrayed him and his work, and stopped printing this masterpiece. It was a monstrous betrayal that dumbfounded thousands of us who had proven these seven mysteries from our Bibles!

The Philadelphia Church of God fought for Mystery of the Ages. We decided to print it ourselves and distribute it for free. Those men sued us in order to keep Mystery of the Ages out of print forever, and we battled them for six years in court, spending a huge amount of resources to win the right to print this book and give it away free.

Why would we fight so hard for this book? There’s only one way for you to understand: Just ask us for a copy—we’ll give it to you at no charge and with no obligation—and then study it alongside your Bible. It will open your eyes to what the Bible means! That is the most exciting thing there is!

This incredible book helps you understand the Bible, which contains the solutions to this world’s problems and to problems in your own life! That is how powerful and important Mystery of the Ages is. I hope you will choose to request your very own copy—and read it!