Israel’s ‘Will to Withdraw’


What is happening in Israel today?

For the past decade, the Jewish nation has tried to negotiate peace with the Palestinians. The process has been an abysmal failure.

The basic assumption behind the process is that the best way to secure long-term peace is to withdraw. For example, three years ago Israel pulled its troops out of Lebanon, which were stationed there to prevent assaults on Israelis from the terrorist group Hezbollah. The problem is, Hezbollah didn’t stop its attack. It simply moved its attack right up to the Israeli border.

Still, it appears the Jews see no other option but to continue this flawed strategy. The American president is pressuring Israel to allow the creation of a Palestinian state within a couple years. Many Israelis agree this is the solution.

Some of the Jews do see where the problem lies. Here is what Shmuel Schnitzer wrote in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, Sept. 14, 1994 (emphasis mine throughout): “For the first time in 2,000 years, we are preparing to deny our historical rights, both the divine promise and in terms of referring to the land by the name of its people, ‘The Land of Israel’—a land which belongs to the children of Israel, from then and to eternity. [The Jews are only one tribe of Israel. Request our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy.]

Suddenly, we are gripped by a will to withdraw. A delight in withdrawing, euphoria in cutting ourselves off from it. Pulling out of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) will be a holiday. We shall say: ‘Goodbye, not au revoir.’”

Israel today is making the same mistake ancient Israel made. And unless they repent, they are going to have the same tragic end!

The problem is that God has broken their will, or the pride of their awesome power, because of their sins (Lev. 26:19). And the problem is only going to get worse until they repent!

Mr. Schnitzer continued, “First we referred to parts of the homeland as ‘territories.’ That’s a term which evinces no love, no link. ‘Territories’ are not ours. We never dreamt of territories, nor prayed to return to them. We didn’t nurture them with the blood of our young men. We didn’t hear in them the calls of our prophets and we didn’t bury our forefathers in the ‘territories.’ We didn’t fight over the ‘territories’ with the Canaanites and the Egyptians, the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, the British and the Arabs. We didn’t read of them in the Book of Books, nor yearn constantly for them.

We are a generation that is betraying its forefathers, their faith and their sacrifice. We are now engaged in tearing out the heart of the land from ourselves, undercutting everything which we nurtured.

An entirely new Jewish people is being created before our very eyes. A nation which doesn’t belong to its land, which doesn’t continue the past, which will inherit nothing and is promised nothing. The Bible is no longer our calling card. It’s a mere historical curiosity” (ibid.).

God clearly gave the Jews their land. But the “peacemakers” don’t like to refer to it as a gift from God, because they have no faith in God.

So we see a “new Jewish people” unwilling to fight as in the past. Now they have a broken will.

A U.S. intelligence document stated that the Arabs now believe the Jews have lost their will to fight. Few reports could signal a greater danger! The Arabs will exploit this weakness. You can be certain of that.

Mr. Schnitzer wrote, “Suddenly, paths of peace are more important than the paths down which we traveled for 2,000 years, more important than our prayers and our faith.

“I ask myself what kind of Jewish people will this be with no attachment to its land, without all the places of the book of Joshua, the wonderful vistas there, without the intensity of the prophetic vision, without the heritage of our fighters who spilt their blood for the country which was promised them and their descendants?

“This is the will of the majority, and we are told that in a democracy the majority’s will is that which counts.

“But let us not forget on the eve of our holiest day (the Day of Atonement) that while a majority can rule, it hasn’t a monopoly on truth and on good sense. A majority can make a tragic mistake, create a golden calf and dance about it” (ibid.).

The Jewish people are now looking to the will of the majority, not the great God who gave them their own land.

Request our free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy to understand what God says will happen to Israel. Events show that the peace pacts are more important to them than their faith in God. That is a sure recipe for disaster!