EU Wines, Dines Mediterranean


The European Union, in accordance with a clear prophetic story line, is moving south. A list of its initiatives in the Mediterranean includes the following:

  • On Dec. 21, 2004, defense ministers from 10 Mediterranean rim countries (the “5+5” group—five EU members plus five North African nations) met and confirmed an action plan for 2005 over security and defense in the Mediterranean, namely a permanent structure to deal with terrorist threats and illegal smuggling. “It is very important for the European Union to continue its enlargement toward the east and the north, but we all know that the threats and the core of our security come also from the south,” said Portugal’s defense minister, Paulo Portas (Xinhua News Agency, Dec. 21, 2004).
  • The European Investment Bank (eib) announced on Dec. 22, 2004, that it was providing €340 million in loans to Egypt and Tunisia under the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (femip). The money will fund purchases for transport equipment and infrastructure, including seven Airbus aircraft to EgyptAir and upgrade of road and rail networks in Tunisia. eib’s vice president commented: “Today more than ever, the countries of the Mediterranean are the Union’s new neighbors. … femip is financing the key infrastructure required to create a vast Euro-Mediterranean area …” (European Commission press release, Dec. 22, 2004). A smaller, similar loan was granted to Algeria on Dec. 17, 2004.
  • The first Euro-Mediterranean Investment Summit was held on January 13-14. Regional ministers, financial leaders and business executives discussed ways to boost investment in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • The European Commission (EC) and Moroccan officials are working toward bringing Morocco under the Galileo umbrella through a cooperation agreement. “Such an agreement will enable Galileo to become established in the western Mediterranean and West Africa,” said EC Vice President Jacques Barrot (ibid., Dec. 7, 2004).
  • Watch for the EU to maneuver through the Mediterranean to North Africa, as prophesied in Daniel 8:9: “And out of one of them came forth a little horn [a coming strong European leader], which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land [Jerusalem].” For more information, request our free booklet Daniel—Unsealed at Last!