How Mideast Violence Will Affect YOU!


Speaking before a gathering of Trumpet subscribers in August, I warned that there could be a war in the Middle East as soon as October.

I wrote an article for the September/October Trumpet titled “Watch Jerusalem.” It was planned about two months before the riots erupted around Jerusalem. The article was written because I believed events were ready to explode. Several newspapers have already referred to the battles around Jerusalem as a civil war.

What do these events have to do with you? They have everything to do with America, though most of our people are unaware of that fact.

On October 12, seventeen U.S. sailors were killed on the USS Cole. Two suicide bombers blew a giant hole in the side of our ship in Aden, Yemen. It was an act of war against the U.S. So the U.S. is involved, even if our leaders and people refuse to accept this harsh reality.

The Weekly Standard,October 30, said (emphasis mine):”Traditional realpolitik and gunboat diplomacy—the only meaningful responses to terrorists who kill Americans—gets cast aside in favor of far-off prosecutions that may well do more damage to America than terrorism…. Middle Eastern terrorism against the United States, particularly a kamikaze strike against a U.S. Navy vessel, is, from any angle, an act of war by unconventional means, as former secretary of the Navy John Lehman recently pointed out in the Washington Post…. The primary reason, of course, why the Clinton administration has made the Justice Department and the fbi the lead counterterrorist agencies is that doing so offers more foreign policy wiggle room:We can blink in the face of a foreign threat and pretend we haven’t.”

This is just childish game-playing by our leaders to avoid the use of military force! That illusion keeps us from facing the brutal truth.

The Prophet Daniel prophesied that we would have evil come upon our people in this end time (Dan. 9:13-14). He also related how the prophecies of Moses would apply to the American and British peoples. (Write for our free booklet The United States and Britain inProphecy). The book of Daniel was written only for this end time (Dan. 12:4, 9).

One of Moses’s prophecies stated that God would break the pride of our power (Lev. 26:19). Moses prophesied that we would have great power, but be afraid to use it. That shows that God is directly tied to our shameful lack of will to use our military power! And it’s time we learned why that is true. Nothing is more important.

That weakness causes us to make dangerous and strange decisions. But our enemies see our weakness very clearly. That is usually why the terrorists attack us in the first place!

And the very fact that we call all those evil deeds terrorist acts also reveals our weakness. Those terrorists are often sent by leaders of Middle East nations. That reality we also refuse to face. At least to the point of doing anything about it.

When violence broke out in the Middle East, the U.S. stock market plunged over 300 points. That is because we are so dangerously dependent on Arab oil. We would be paralyzed without it. You probably couldn’t even get to work without imported oil. Stock investors have a better understanding of that reality.

Anyone can easily see how fragile the stock market and our economy are. The stock market could be shattered almost overnight.

So don’t forget that the Middle East crisis involves you—much more than you can even imagine!

We can see that our oil suppliers have a lot of hatred for Israel and the U.S., and it is intensifying very rapidly. They fully understand how helpless we are without their oil, even if we don’t.

Ninety-six nations of the UN officially condemned Israel for the violence—taking blame off the Palestinians. The U.S. was one of only six nations to disagree. Many Arab nations in the UN are venting their wrath against America. The whole Arab world supports the Palestinians.

Are we about to have serious problems getting our Middle East oil? The answer is yes.

The Middle East violence will dramatically touch your life. But you can be protected. Write for our free booklets History and Prophecy in the Middle East and The King of the South for more information.