Russia Signs New Arms Deal With India


Russia signed a major deal on November 14 to increase its arms exports to India, Alexander Mikheyev, chief executive officer of Russia’s state arms expo agency Rosoboronexport, reported to the Russian state news agency tass.

As part of the deal, Russia will supply India with Igla-S Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (manpads), which are handheld antiaircraft missiles, and allow India to manufacture the weapons under license.

Mikheyev told Russian state news agency ria that Russia and India also aim to establish related joint ventures.

Robsoboronexport is working with Indian private and public enterprises to organize joint production of aviation weapons and integrate them into the existing aviation fleet in India.
—Alexander Mikheyev

India is the world leader in arms imports, and Russia is its top supplier. This relationship did not slow when Russia invaded Ukraine. India is still willing to closely cooperate with Moscow, even in sensitive defense matters.

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