Russia and Myanmar Begin First-Ever Joint Naval Exercises


Russia and Myanmar began rehearsing for war on Tuesday with joint drills between their navies. This marks their first-ever joint naval exercise and lays the groundwork for greater military cooperation in the future.

Reports from state-run Global New Light of Myanmar said that the exercise, which includes airborne and naval units in the Andaman Sea, will last until Thursday.

Russia and Myanmar are already close partners. Since Myanmar’s military ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s government in February 2021, Russia has supported the junta leadership with arms deals and diplomatic backing. This week’s three-day exercise further strengthens the blossoming relationship.

An Asian axis: Asian countries are drawing closer together, largely as a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Western attempts to punish Russia have prompted it to look elsewhere for partners.

China and North Korea are its main supporters, but Russia knows that the more partners it has, the less leverage the West holds over it. Expect Russia to continue dominating Eastern powers as it forms a massive Asian axis.

The Trumpet has forecast this development for decades because it is prophesied in the Holy Bible. Prophecies in Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation form a clear picture showing that Russian President Vladimir Putin will unify Asian nations, forming the largest military alliance the world has ever seen.

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