Weber Calls for a ‘European Army’ and a ‘European FBI’


European People’s Party leader Manfred Weber wrote in an August 24 Welt article that a “European army” and “European fbi” must be formed based on conservative Christian values. He said this is needed to streamline Europe’s foreign policy.

We need a European army, within nato and firmly at the side of the United States, with a European defense minister, a foreign minister who lets Europe speak with one voice and who puts an end to the unanimity requirement of the member states in foreign policy.

We must also transform Europol into a powerful European fbi that pools all European resources against terror, human trafficking and child pornography. And at the same time, we must build Frontex into an effective European border guard and coast guard, so that our external EU borders are effectively protected.
—Manfred Weber

German dominance: Weber is among the most prominent Germans in the European Union and represents its strongest country. His suggestion to centralize power in one European defense minister, foreign minister and secret service would no doubt empower Germany even more.

A true forecast: Our booklet He Was Right vividly shows how the late Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied of a “United States of Europe” with a united military based on prophecies such as Daniel 2 and Revelation 17. Mr. Armstrong died 38 years ago, but his forecast is coming true today.

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