Germany’s Drift Toward Babylonian Perversion


Germany’s Cabinet approved a plan on August 23 to make it easier for “transgender, intersex, and nonbinary people” to change their name and gender in official documents. The legislation aims to make life easier for “a small group for which it has great significance,” the justice minister said. In the meantime, a push for “sexual education” in German kindergartens aims to recruit the next generation for the movement—and the only party that is fundamentally opposed to the perversion is the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

The Queer Network NRW, which is financially supported and promoted by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, produced a 2022 handout for day-care educators called “Queer in der Kita!” “Avoid books that talk about ‘man and woman,’” the guidebook states. “The requirement to have a child is not to be a woman, but to have a uterus and ovaries. Men can do that too.” It also notes that if boys don’t have the opportunity to try nail polish at home, they should be able to in the day care.

Welt reported on August 23 on the sexual education at a day care in Kerpen, North Rhine-Westphalia, made public by the AfD. The center offers “children space to try out their childlike sexuality” and that “masturbation is something normal.”

The liberal trend has also engulfed religiously underpinned centers. The 2022 concept paper of the Catholic day care in St. Maria Rosenkranzkönigin in North Rhine-Westphalia states: “Dealing positively with sexuality and physicality makes an essential contribution to the development of children’s identity and strengthens their self-esteem and self-confidence.” The center allows children to explore their sexual curiosity. “Children begin to take an interest in the gender of other children between the ages of 3 and 6 (or even earlier). They compare themselves to people of the same sex and explore the opposite sex,” the center states, offering “based on the needs, interests and desires of the children, situational occasions for play and learning processes.”

Right now, the concepts may be ahead of the current reality in most day cares, but if this isn’t stopped, the wildest perversions will engulf our youngest generation.

But if you want to “democratically” oppose the perversions of the next generation, you have to vote for a party that also seeks to rewrite Germany’s view on the Holocaust. You will be accused of being a Nazi and called the enemy of democracy.

Germany today is heading the way of Babylon of old. Most fittingly, a famous tv series, Babylon Berlin, depicts Berlin of Germany’s Weimar Republic in 1929. The filmmakers saw the biblical and the historical accounts as a perfect description of Weimar Berlin. “This Berlin is a Moloch; sin, corruption and violence lurk around every corner, as in the myth surrounding the biblical city,” cultural journalist Jens Balkenborg noted. The Bible calls Babylon a “whore” because of the city’s immorality.

Little do these filmmakers know how accurate their description is. The Bible describes not only the sins of ancient Babylon, but also the immoralities of our modern day. Revelation 18 prophesies of the fall of this all engulfing Babylonic system and pleads with the people of our generation: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (verse 4).

Some in Germany today praise Adolf Hitler for “confronting” these Babylonic systems. These same people ignore the fact that neither Hitler nor anyone in his close circle was an example for family life. The early days of the Nazi Party were plagued by homosexual depravity. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich notes about the Nazis paramilitary organization SA: “Many of its top leaders, beginning with its chief, Ernst Roehm, were notorious homosexual perverts.” Roehm is described as “a tough, ruthless, driving man—albeit, like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual.”

Early on Hitler needed the support of anyone he could get, and he lacked the means to hide their perversions. “Murderers, pimps, homosexuals, perverts, drug addicts or just plain rowdies were all the same to him if they served his purposes” (ibid). Hitler also failed in his relations with the opposite sex. As the book recounts, “It is probable that Hitler intended to marry his niece.” This failure in love is said to have contributed to his later evils.

Nazis later persecuted homosexuals and learned to use the tool of propaganda—but they never learned to live a moral life.

No human being, political party nor church of this world can save us from the sins of Babylon, which include much more than the above perversions.

Satan, the god of this world, is a master at deceiving people (2 Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 12:9). Parents need to beware of his attacks. They need to cry out to God and take charge of the education of their children. The perversions will continue until Jesus Christ Himself ends them at His return (Matthew 24). That’s why we must pray, “Thy kingdom come.”

God’s coming Kingdom needs real educators. It needs leaders who know how to teach truth. It needs men and women who have learned to come out of Babylon and overcome the pulls of society.

That is why God is calling out a few today (John 6:44). They are learning how to thrive despite living in the midst of Babylon. Learn about this wonderful way of life and how to protect your children’s minds from today’s perversions in Herbert W. Armstrong’s classic work The Missing Dimension in Sex.