What Is Going On in Maui?

It’s the Ohio disaster all over again.

The fire hydrants were dry, and the fire sirens didn’t go off. The fire marshals, mayor and governor were all out of town. Evacuations were delayed. While parents were at work, school was canceled and children were sent home. The mayor says he “doesn’t know” where hundreds of them are.

The fires destroyed over 2,000 homes, burned more than 2,000 acres of land, and inflicted over $5 billion in damage.

At least 114 people are dead, and over a thousand are still missing.

Joe Biden went on vacation before addressing the August 8 Maui fires. He spent time sunbathing and bike-riding at a Delaware beach. After five days passed and thousands of people lost their homes, their livelihoods, their friends and families, all he said was, “No comment.”

“I campaigned for you,” erupted former Hawaii legislator Kaniela Ing on August 14. “Now, when I lose dozens of my friends, family and neighbors—this?”

It was only after such outrage that Biden finally addressed the Maui wildfires, promising to give $700 in relief per household.

The response, or lack thereof, from Biden reeks of incompetence. But a closer look indicates something more might be going on.

Another Cover-up

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on in Maui. That’s even true for people in Maui. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (fema) is on the ground and says it has plans to help residents. But even the local government doesn’t know what’s going on.

“I am the state House representative. I should be a part of those plans. I should be part of that discussion. I have not been,” Laihana Rep. Elle Cochran told the Washington Post. “From day one, I have been left in the dark. I feel like I’ve been iced out.”

The entire situation echoes what happened in Ohio this February. There has been minimal reporting from the mainstream media. Some have suggested that power lines caused the fires, but this has been blended with almost perfunctory blaming of climate change.

All the while, many reports are swiftly being labeled as “conspiracy theories.” One report is that there is a 12-mile media-free zone at the fire’s point of origin. Another claims that although the media is reporting at least 114 deaths, local sources say the number is closer to 500.

fema is even asking people not to post images of the devastation from the fires due to “cultural sensitivity.”


Meanwhile, once Biden finally landed in Maui, he proceeded to crack jokes about how hot it was, compared a small kitchen fire he had once to the historic Maui fires, and fell asleep during the meeting with survivors.

Incompetence and Treason

It took Biden 13 days to go to Maui. As his motorcade arrived, hundreds of residents greeted him with a chorus of angry expletives.

The media eviscerated President George Bush over the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. President Donald Trump could do no right in his response to the Puerto Rico disaster. But the media keeps giving Joe Biden pass after pass.

Afghanistan. Ohio. And now, Maui. Disaster after disaster, and the blame always goes somewhere else.

Media reports have covered the devastation, loss of life and climate change. But there have been almost no questions about exactly what caused the fire, why the emergency response was so poor, why there has been so little effort to help residents, or why the little that is being done is shrouded in obscurity.

Why does the media refuse to hold the Biden administration accountable? Why are they underreporting what happened in Maui?

Because drawing attention to the incompetent failure in handling these disasters would draw attention to the treasonous disaster occupying the White House.

“Look at how leftists are now using their power in the media, technology companies and social media to silence anyone who disagrees with them,” writes Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry in America Under Attack. “They are clamping down on free speech and trampling the supreme law of the land!”

The radical left is doing exactly what Barack Obama accused Republicans of last October.

We have seen throughout history—we see now around the world—what happens if we give up on democracy. We can see it in other countries where the government tells you what books you can read and cannot read, countries that put dissidents and reporters in prison, countries where it doesn’t matter who you vote for—the people in power will do whatever they want, where corruption is rampant because there is no accountability.

It’s an open secret that Joe Biden isn’t running the country. How could he be when he can’t even stay awake during a meeting with the survivors of one of the worst wildfires in American history? This is more than incompetence.

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