Why Was Joe Biden Using Aliases as Vice President?


More revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop have surfaced regarding Joe Biden—also known as Robert L. Peters. The National Archives has revealed when Joe Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s vice president, he used the e-mail address Robert.L.Peters@pci.gov for official business. In at least 10 of these e-mails so far recovered, Hunter Biden was cc’d in.

On Wednesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer asked the National Archives to release memos used with said address. The memos released so far include a 2016 e-mail regarding a call with Ukraine’s president.


This is not the first pseudonym Biden has been caught using. His other known aliases include “Robin Ware” and “J. R. B. Ware.” Comer requested any documents involving these names be released as well. The National Archives has until August 31 to respond to Comer’s request.

Biden previously said there was “an absolute wall” between his role as vice president and Hunter’s business ventures. E-mails such as those from “Robert L. Peters” to places like Ukraine—where Hunter had notorious business dealings—suggest otherwise. Why Biden was disguising his identity while speaking with his son and Ukraine is unknown at this point. But the House Oversight Committee may soon discover the answer.

What the Trumpet wrote:

The Joebama administration is the most corrupt in United States history. The notorious Biden crime family is simultaneously beholden to both Barack Hussein Obama, as we recently covered on the Trumpet Daily, and to a cabal of foreign oligarchs. Yet they are not brought to justice because the entire Joebama administration is devoted to covering up for Joe Biden and his relations, as long as he remains useful to Obama. But now Congress and the judiciary are finally pushing back.

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