Syrian Refugee Stabs Children in France


On June 8, a Syrian refugee stabbed people in a park in southeastern France. Among the injured are four young children, between 1 and 3 years old, and two adults. The suspect was arrested and identified as a 31-year-old Syrian with refugee status in Sweden. The corresponding video showing the violent scene was censored by Twitter hours after its first appearance.

A witness told the bbc, “People were going about their business or on their holiday, as I was, and it’s just shocking. I have no other way of describing it.”

Growing horror: Since the 2015 refugee crisis, horrible scenes like the one in France have become more and more common. Europe has been plagued by acts of terrorism, including bombings, vehicle rammings, shootings, stabbings and rapes.

Coming clash: The Bible reveals that Europe will wake up to the fact that it won’t be able to solve this crisis within its borders. Daniel 11:40 reveals that a European superpower will militarily confront the chief sponsor of terrorism—Iran and its allies. Watch the mood in Europe change and watch for military intervention to become more acceptable.

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