The Hidden Danger in the Coronation

The pageantry surrounding King Charles III’s crowning points to an illustrious history and glorious future. It also revealed a terrible mistake by the royal family.

Britain just held its first coronation in 70 years. Much about the crowning of King Charles iii was inspiring. It was saturated with biblical references and spiritual significance.

The coronation put the Bible on display. A choir performed Handel’s choral anthem “Zadok the Priest,” with text from 1 Kings 1:38-40, about Solomon being anointed king. The priests presented the King with a Bible, calling it “the most valuable gift that this world affords.” One of the priests said, “This is the royal law, these are the lively oracles of God.”

In the coronation oath, the archbishop of Canterbury asked Charles, “Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain the laws of God and the true profession of the gospel? Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the bishops and clergy of England, and to the churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?” And he answered, “All this I promise to do.”

When these words were last uttered at a British coronation, it was a very different time. These words ring hollow today, among a people that no longer have respect for the Bible. They have lost their faith in God and their moral moorings at the same time.

There is an indisputable connection between Britain losing its belief in God and His connection to the monarchy—and the massive changes for the worse in British beliefs and morals.

This actually points to a hidden danger in that coronation that almost nobody noticed.

Multiculturalism and Monarchy

King Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth ii, also swore to maintain Britain’s religion. This she did not do. She made unprecedented moves to reconcile with the Vatican: visiting Pope John Paul ii in Rome; hosting his visit to Britain in 1982, the first pope to do so since the 16th-century Protestant Reformation; allowing him to hold joint services with the archbishop of Canterbury; and appointing a Roman Catholic as her chaplain.

That’s not to say that the Protestant Reformed religion is the one true religion. But to the extent that it followed the Bible, Britain was blessed for maintaining it. Today, however, Britain is a morass of secularism, dangerous multicultural religious confusion and submission to the religion of Europe that it once strongly opposed.

King Charles is even more committed to foreign religions than his mother. In his coronation, he introduced several acknowledgments to other religions and cultures. He included official greetings from leaders of Britain’s Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Buddhists.

This sounds righteous to a lot of people today. Modern society has virtually swallowed whole the lie that “diversity is our strength.” But just look at the disastrous results of such thinking. It has left Britain faithless, materialistic, divided and vulnerable to foreign extremists.

Jesus Christ’s return is imminent. Only 10,000 obedient saints will be here when He comes (Deuteronomy 33:2; Jude 14).

All denominations must repent or they will experience the worst suffering ever on this Earth. The 10,000 will be protected from God’s wrath.

The Church of England has lost its moral authority, loosening its standards on every culturally charged issue of the day: women in the clergy, premarital sex, homosexuality. This was the first-ever coronation to include female priests. The monarchy, rather than working to prevent the moral slide and uphold godly standards, has simply watched it happen and even gone along with it. British society has suffered immeasurably as a result.

The massive change in Britain’s relationship with the Catholic Church was displayed to the world at the coronation.

Most Catholic Crowning in 500 Years

The pope sits on a throne. So does the King. If people understood the true history of those two thrones, they would understand so much! The full story of those two thrones actually reveals where this world is headed and how it is about to be filled with happiness and joy—after some terrible suffering.

Most Catholics don’t understand the true history of their own church. And most of the British people don’t understand the true history of the King’s throne.

Even under Queen Elizabeth, the Protestant Reformation was being reversed. Charles has taken that even further.

Two cardinals attended the coronation—probably the first time such a thing has happened since the Catholic Mary i was crowned in 1553. That coronation did not work out well for Britain! Mary became known as “Bloody Mary” because of all the Protestants she put to death. But few in Britain believe that history is relevant.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols participated in the coronation, pronouncing a public blessing on the King. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin represented Pope Francis at the event.

The archdiocese in Westminster noted that at Queen Elizabeth ii’s coronation in 1953, “it would not have been permitted for any Catholic to enter a Protestant church, let alone to take part in a coronation service.” That is how dramatically Queen Elizabeth changed the relationship between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church!

Ahead of the coronation, the pope gave King Charles what he claimed were two fragments of the “True Cross.” These were set inside a much larger cross and used to lead the whole coronation procession. “Given that the relationship between the British crown and the Catholic Church has been rocky in ages past, Charles’s decision to place the papal gift at the forefront of his coronation ceremonies is significant,” wrote the Catholic News Agency (April 20).

This was also probably the first time a hymn was sung in Latin at a coronation since the time of Elizabeth i in 1533.

At King Charles’s personal request, a copy of the gospels belonging to “saint Augustine” was read at the coronation. Augustine was the man who introduced the Catholic Church to Britain 1,400 years ago. He is revered as the man who brought Christianity to the British Isles. But it is a matter of historical fact that a different version of Christianity already existed in Britain—and the Catholics stamped it out!

Over thousands of years of history, the Catholic Church has violently persecuted its rivals. Most of the world is asleep to this danger. But people are about to be struck by lightning that will rouse them from their stupor.

The Bible tells us that God is going to save most of humanity. That includes Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and all other religious people—but in His time frame and in His way.

God’s hand is also behind the rising power of the Catholic Church today. But you need to read our materials to understand why.

‘End of the British Empire’

When Pope Benedict visited Britain in 2010—the first official state visit by a pope since the Reformation—Andrew Brown wrote at the Guardian: “This was the end of the British Empire. In all the four centuries from Elizabeth i to Elizabeth ii, England has been defined as a Protestant nation. The Catholics were the other; sometimes violent terrorists and rebels, sometimes merely dirty immigrants. The sense that this was a nation specially blessed by God arose from a deeply anti-Catholic reading of the Bible. … Rebellion against the pope was the foundational act of English power. And now the power is gone, and perhaps the rebellion has gone, too” (Sept. 9, 2017; emphasis added).

What a marvelous memory of Britain’s history! And what a condemning reality. The British people have forgotten that God gave them their majestic empire, which no longer exists. That is because they have forgotten their Bible, which has a lot to say against the Roman Catholic Church! Britain forgetting its ties to the God of the Bible is a deadly sign of the nation’s immediate future.

Christians of this world are embarrassingly ignorant of their Bible. If they don’t know their Bible, they don’t know God!

As Brown stated, today Britain’s “power is gone.” Because of the nation’s sins, God has broken the pride of its power (Leviticus 26:19). The British still have considerable power, but are too timid to use it.

It’s no coincidence that King Charles removed the word “empire” from his coronation. When his mother was crowned, she was handed a golden orb and told to “remember that the whole world is subject to the power and empire of Christ our Redeemer.” Charles changed that to say “remember always the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ.” The British are now so uncomfortable with the idea of “empire” that they are not even willing to talk about God’s Empire.

The changed words are much less biblical. Yes, God rules in the kingdom of men (Daniel 4:17). But the declaration that “the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord” is a prophecy for the future. It is what the angels will shout at Christ’s return (Revelation 11:15). In their embarrassment at the word “empire,” those responsible for the coronation are perverting the gospel.

Two Thrones

“Few realize that the British monarchy is patterned on Jewish history,” wrote British journalist Melanie Phillips two days before the coronation. “Early English kings even believed they were descended from King David. They appreciated the revolutionary aspect of ancient Israel: Its monarch was not the supreme ruler, a status which invites tyranny and despotism, but was himself answerable to God, the one true King over all” (May 4).

It is true that Britain’s royal family traces all the way back to King David! Few indeed recognize this, but you can prove it true. Herbert W. Armstrong explained it in his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy; we will send you a free copy at your request.

God promised King David: “And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever” (2 Samuel 7:12-13).

This is a universe-shaking truth! God said He would establish David’s throne forever! That is one of the most important promises that God makes in the Bible.

Queen Elizabeth ii did indeed sit on David’s throne. God gave her the honor, and with it came a heavy responsibility.

The world and many British people wonder why Britain clings to its throne. The amazing answer is that Jesus Christ has kept the British throne alive!

The solutions to Britain’s problems can be found in the understanding of the British throne’s true ancestry. The rich traditions surrounding that throne point back to something far greater than most people realize.

There is evidence that Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria knew the throne of Britain began with David. But most journalists and scholars show no interest in proving if that ancient throne even exists or in the supreme magnitude of its importance. And it is not difficult to prove.

Whether or not you realize it, that throne represents the only hope in this terrifyingly dangerous world. That same throne has a direct connection to the promise of Jesus Christ returning and bringing peace to the whole world.

Yet the Catholic Church claims to have the throne of God on Earth in the Vatican.

In 1570, Pope Pius v claimed that God had given him the power to remove kings of England from their throne. He wrote, “Pius, bishop, servant of the servants of God. He, who reigneth in the highest … hath committed to me, … to one alone upon Earth, … the bishop of Rome, to be governed in fullness of power.”

This religious power wanted to take over King David’s throne! It has made powerful efforts to rule this world.

The Catholic Church’s main goal throughout the ages has really been to destroy David’s throne. The Holy Roman Empire knows about that throne, and it has tried to destroy it throughout history. It cannot stand the thought of someone else having the preeminent throne on Earth. And when it has the power, it kills those who disagree! It has done this time after time, yet people still don’t realize just how dangerous that church is.

This is why King Charles’s inclusion of the Roman Catholic Church in this ceremony was so dangerous.

None of this accommodation of the Catholic Church is going to help King Charles. Believe it or not, Scripture shows that God is actually raising up a new Catholic empire in Europe to correct Britain’s royal family. Jeremiah 22:18-19 say that the British king “shall be buried with the burial of an ass.” The Holy Roman Empire won’t give this man any royal treatment!

Again, God has a plan ultimately to save all Catholics. He is permitting the rise of this church today. But they are being moved by an evil spirit force that hates the throne of David—because it represents his replacement on the throne of the Earth.

A New Throne

Biblical morals and a history with God are the source of strength for the throne of David. For this reason, the devil has a special hatred for Britain’s royal family. He knows the history and prophecy of the throne of David contain the very master plan of God!

Three years ago I wrote about an important change God is making in the way He deals with Britain’s royal family. I said this change “strongly indicates that Britain is going to go down rapidly!” In November last year I wrote, “I believe that now that the Queen has died, Britain’s demise will accelerate. We are about to see a very sad ending for that throne ….”

God promised that a descendant of David would always sit on that throne. Yet Jeremiah prophesied about the end of this throne and the death of its last king. How can this be?

In order to keep His promise to David, God must make a change and move that throne. That way He can still protect it from the Holy Roman Empire. It can still shine as a light in a dark world in a way that Britain’s royal family never could.

Queen Elizabeth ii sat on David’s throne when she became Queen, according to God’s promise to David. That throne was taken away from her in 2017. My free book The New Throne of David explains why and how.

I want to encourage you to study the truth about this new throne of David. Amid all the bad news in this world, this is very inspiring truth! It shows how God is closely watching over these events. It also shows just how close we are to the return of Jesus Christ, when He comes to claim His rightful place on that throne of David. That throne will eventually unite the whole universe! What a vision!

The physical reality of that throne is enough to capture the attention and imagination of the whole world. If only they would contemplate this spiritual reality. What a future mankind has because of the throne of David!