CNN Hemorrhaging Viewers


The liberal news outlet cnn has hemorrhaged viewers since President Donald Trump left office. When the network’s focus was “get Trump out of office,” it pulled in 2.5 million prime-time viewers. Yet without Trump unifying Democrats against him, cnn’s ratings have plummeted to 587,000 prime-time viewers.

cnn’s top-rated show, Anderson Cooper 360, delivered a mere 447,000 viewers on May 12, taking fourth place behind Fox News Tonight (1.3 million viewers), msnbc’s All in With Chris Hayes, and Newsmax’s Eric Bolling (467,000 viewers).

Shifting landscape: Newsmax has picked up a lot of Tucker Carlson viewers after Fox News Corp. fired its most popular host. It is now set to pass cnn as America’s fourth-most popular news network. This is a sign that the corporate media may be shifting to the right as millions of Americans get fed up with illegal immigration, runaway inflation and woke corporatism.

Fox News is nowhere near as conservative as it was during Barack Obama’s administration. But cnn is dying, and Newsmax is rising in a way that will help the Make America Great Again movement.

Media bias: During President George W. Bush’s first term in office, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned about media bias:

Media conglomerates are extremely powerful. They are becoming too powerful for politicians to challenge. To directly challenge the mega-media often leads to political death. The media frequently have more power with the people than the politicians do. The left-wing media are in a power struggle to get control—and they are winning. They are becoming more powerful than the government, even though they were not elected by the people.

Temporary revival: This bias has worsened in the decades since Bush left office. Obama and his “deep state” relied heavily on their control over the media to remove Trump from office. Yet the Bible prophesies that God will temporarily spare America from the corruption that has infected its government so people have one last chance to repent (Amos 7:8). This indicates that Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again movement will get at least some positive media coverage, so recent developments at Twitter and Newsmax could be significant.

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