Manhattan Jury: Trump an Abuser, not a Rapist


In the latest in a long line of efforts to “get Trump,” a Manhattan jury in E. Jean Carroll’s federal lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of rape decades ago decided on Tuesday that Trump did not, in fact, rape her. Instead, the verdict is that Trump “sexually abused” her.

The jury also decided that Trump defamed Carroll by saying she made up the story in order to sell her book. However, her book explicitly and painfully details the alleged rape, which the jury of six men and three women agreed did not happen.

This verdict says that E. Jean Carroll is a liar.

The jury ordered Trump to pay Carroll $5 million in defamation damages, even though they agreed he didn’t rape her.

Witch-hunt: Democrats celebrated the verdict, but to any objective observer, this was a sham trial. Eighty percent of Manhattan voted against Trump in the last election, and judging by the judge’s conduct during the trial, it seems clear that he wasn’t a big fan either. Despite this, they were only able to stick on Trump some nebulous charges and the kinds of baseless accusations that they have attacked him with for the past seven years.

I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. This verdict is a disgrace—a continuation of the greatest witch-hunt of all time!
—Donald Trump

Stop Trump: The radical left’s clear, definable goal is to prevent another Trump presidency. It’s the reason for the Russia collusion hoax, the election steal, the ousting of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, and the numerous lies and smears against Trump these past seven years.

America’s bitter affliction continues to intensify, as do the attacks against President Trump. Yet he refuses to give up in the face of these evil and powerful forces. He continues to fight and war against the uniparty and its powerful arsenal. Donald Trump is up for the fight and “ready for war.”