German Government Fears and Prepares for Trump’s Return


“Next year, there will be a presidential election in the United States—and there is growing concern in the traffic light [German government coalition] about [Donald] Trump’s reelection,” Germany’s Tagesschau wrote May 3. The German government’s “concern” about a democratic process in one of its closest allies is itself concerning. But even more concerning is how Germany is preparing for President Trump’s return to power.

Growing tension: From the day Donald Trump began campaigning in 2016, he received negative press in Germany. When he was elected, media outlets and politicians were raving mad. They called him erratic, irresponsible and harmful to the trans-Atlantic relationship. But their criticism is even worse now.

Trump would be a greater challenge for Germany, Europe and the world in a possible second term than in his first term. He would likely rule even more unrestrained, unpredictable and defiant.
—Michael Link, trans-Atlantic coordinator for the German government

Ignoring a stolen election: Germany celebrated when the American media declared Joe Biden the victor of the 2020 U.S. election, despite evidence of a stolen election (for more information, read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s free book America Under Attack). The same people who cheered for this undemocratic seizure of the White House fear the American people want Trump back.

If Trump were really history, many in Europe would have fewer sleepless nights. But the fundamental fear Trump provoked six years ago would not disappear.
—Wolfgang Ischinger, former German ambassador to the United States

Yearning for independence: German politicians are not interested in a relationship that benefits both sides. Seeing that Mr. Trump may end America’s generous support for the Continent, they are pushing toward independence—and heading for a closer alliance with China.

It is possible that the next U.S. president will again be Donald Trump. Berlin and Brussels are preparing for a horror scenario: nato and Ukraine would be in danger …. Nevertheless, politicians are actively establishing contacts in Trump’s environment.
—Spiegel Online

Coming betrayal: Germany is working to become independent of the U.S. while seeking contact with those in Trump’s inner circle. The Bible reveals that Germany will betray America in the most colossal national double cross of human history. This prophecy is explained in detail in Ezekiel—The End-Time Prophet, by Gerald Flurry.