Pope in Hungary Calls for the Resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire


“Europe is crucial because it represents the memory of humanity, and it must take up its proper role to unite those far apart,” Pope Francis noted on his visit to Hungary on Friday. In a dramatic appeal, he called for Europe to return to its roots to bring unity and peace. Specifically, he called on the nations of Europe to unite politically and religiously.

European unity: Speaking directly to the European nations, he quoted the 1950 Declaration by Robert Schuman, one of Europe’s founding fathers, and called for a revival of this European spirit of unity.

[It is vital] to recover the European spirit: the excitement and vision of its founders, who were statesman able to look beyond their own times, beyond national boundaries and immediate needs, and to generate forms of diplomacy capable of pursuing unity, not aggravating divisions.
—Pope Francis


Unity of the churches: Referring to Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary, Francis noted that he “lived at a time when Europe’s Christians were in full communion.” Similarly, the pope noted, Europe’s Christian churches must unite today.

[T]hose who profess themselves Christian, in the company of the witnesses of faith, are called to bear witness to and to join forces with everyone in cultivating a humanism inspired by the gospel and moving along two fundamental tracks: acknowledging ourselves to be beloved children of the Father and loving one another as brothers and sisters.
—Pope Francis

Heritage: Hungary was part of the Habsburg dynasty, which ruled over Austria, Hungary and Bohemia from 1526 to 1918. The last emperor of Austria and king of Hungary noted that Europe continues to live by the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire today.

The [European] Community is living largely by the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire, though the great majority of the people who live by it don’t know by what heritage they live.
—Otto von Habsburg, the eldest son of Charles i

Unity prophesied: As our booklet He Was Right explains, Revelation 17 speaks of the unification of Europe in the tradition of the Holy Roman Empire. Additionally, Isaiah 47 prophesies that Europe’s Christian churches will unite. The unification of both is prophesied—and the late Herbert W. Armstrong noted that both would be caused by the Vatican.

Continue to watch the Vatican’s push for this unification and request He Was Right to see how it was prophesied.

In only one way can this resurrected Holy Roman Empire be brought to fruition—by the “good offices” of the Vatican, uniting church and state once again, with the Vatican astride and ruling.
—Herbert W. Armstrong