SpaceX Reaches for the Stars


Elon Musk’s private space exploration company SpaceX conducted the first test flight of Starship earlier today, the spacecraft it plans to use to send humans to Mars.

Aptly named Starship Super Heavy, the rocket is the biggest vehicle ever. The successful liftoff and flight is a tremendous achievement in arguably the most ambitious project mankind has ever undertaken.

The massive vehicle tilted upon takeoff but was able to correct. After takeoff, the problem persisted, yet the launch team was able to correct its trajectory repeatedly. Even when six engines failed, the rocket was still able to fly. Three minutes into the flight, the rocket started spinning uncontrollably, and its termination system was triggered. However, the launch pad and ground infrastructure remained intact and will be used for a second test in the next few months.

The Starship launch reflects mankind’s undying fascination with space. It all started in 1961 with Yuri Gagarin becoming the first man to journey into space. It continued with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins visiting the moon.

Now, Musk’s goal is to put humans on Mars by 2026. “[M]y driving philosophy is to expand the scope and scale of consciousness that we may better understand the nature of the universe,” he said in an interview last year. He plans to make interplanetary travel as normal as flying to another country.

The Trumpet wrote:

“Why do scientists want to reach Mars? It gets back to one overall question: Is there life there? But they are asking the wrong question! They should ask, ‘Why are Mars and the rest of the universe there?’ This question leads us to the Creator!” wrote Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry.

We wrote in our November-December 2021 Trumpet issue:

The Bible actually reveals that God does have a purpose for all that space, and He actually does intend us to go out there—eventually!

This is a truly inspiring vision of space and the universe that gives us hope for the future survival of mankind. And it is not an idea out of some billionaire’s imagination. It is a genuine plan that is already in advance stages of completion, enacted by the Creator of the universe!

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