DeSantis’s Fight With Disney Intensifies


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting against the sexual indoctrination of Florida school children. Yet the Walt Disney Co. is pushing back. Last year, DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, which forbids instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. Disney hit back by promising to increase the number of homosexual and transgender characters in its children’s programming.

DeSantis countered by attempting to strip Disney of its self-governing status in the Reedy Creek Improvement District, but Disney implemented a last-minute “backroom deal” to thwart DeSantis’s takeover bid. Disney then upped the ante by approving its first Pride Nite for homosexuals and transgenders. So DeSantis expanded his signature Parental Rights in Education law on April 19 to include all grades from pre-Kindergarten to grade 12.

Culture war: President Donald Trump disparaged DeSantis for getting “absolutely destroyed by Disney.” Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie criticized DeSantis’s negotiating skills, and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu opined that DeSantis’s feud with Disney “convolutes the entire Republican message.” Despite such criticism, the culture war is the most important war for conservatives to win if they want to make America great again.

“You can’t have conservative government in a liberal culture, and that’s the position the Republican Party is in,” Mark Steyn explained nine years ago in his article “Why the Real Battle for America Is Over Culture, not Elections.” “Liberals expend tremendous effort changing the culture. Conservatives expend tremendous effort changing elected officials every other November—and then are surprised that it doesn’t make much difference. Culture trumps politics—which is why, once the question has been settled culturally, conservatives are reduced to playing catch-up, twisting themselves into pretzels to explain why gay marriage is really conservative after all, or why 30 million unskilled immigrants with a majority of births out of wedlock are ‘natural allies’ of the Republican Party.”

National repentance: America’s founders were raised by a generation that had left behind the decadent societies of Europe and attempted to build a new society based on principles taught in the newly translated King James Bible. They understood that high morals and sincere religion were the fundamental building blocks of a virtuous society. President George Washington said during his famous Farewell Address in 1796: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports” (emphasis added).

A conservative president, a conservative Supreme Court or even a Great Awakening cannot save America unless that awakening takes Americans back not only to the Constitution, its founders or even Protestantism but to the laws of the Bible! Nothing less than nationwide repentance can save our children and reverse America’s decline.

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