Xi Jinping Secures Unprecedented Third Term at Helm of China


Xi Jinping secured an unprecedented third five-year term as president of China on March 10, after the nation’s parliament approved the measure with a vote of 2,952 to zero. Xi was also given a third term as chairman of the Central Military Commission. These two offices can now be added to that of general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (ccp), which Xi gave himself for a third term in October 2022.

Occupying this trinity of top posts for a third term represents a momentous break from tradition under which previous Chinese leaders stepped aside after 10 years. Yet it is unsurprising for a leader who has methodically sidelined rivals and stacked the ccp with loyalists since his rise to power in 2012.

These moves mean Xi’s authority is unquestioned, unchecked and undivided. The firepower of the 2 million-strong People’s Liberation Army is now entirely in his hands. Xi Jinping, already China’s most powerful leader in decades, is positioned to rule the nation for as long as he lives.

The Trumpet watches Xi’s expanding power because Bible prophecy reveals that as America’s global power declines, two massive blocs will emerge. One will be a European alliance operating in the tradition of the Holy Roman Empire. The other will be an Asian confederation called in Scripture “the kings of the east,” headed by Russia, with China in a secondary leadership position. The Bible makes plain—in such chapters as Jeremiah 50, Daniel 11 and 12, Revelation 16 and Matthew 24—that a clash between this European power and this Russian-Chinese bloc will play a major role in the most violent conflict in human history.

The fact that Xi can now rule for as long as he lives and is steering China in an increasingly belligerent direction indicates how near these dramatic future events may be.

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