World Economic Forum: Fascism Revives

‘Stakeholder capitalism’ sounds futuristic and progressive, but it is a new name for an old system.

You are experiencing a polycrisis. Western capitalism has failed. You need a Great Reset. You need the free market to be replaced with “stakeholder capitalism.” And you need global elites to handle it for you.

In Davos, Switzerland, a fleet of private jets brought thousands of top politicians, business executives, and other elites to a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps from January 16 to 20 for a World Economic Forum (wef) conference. Their purpose: to plan the year ahead for the other 8 billion people in the world.

With the theme of “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” participants in this year’s conference tried to use their combined power to solve climate change, the energy crisis, supply chain breakdowns, runaway inflation, the war in Ukraine and other major aspects of the ongoing swirl of global emergencies they call a “polycrisis.”

The 2,700 Davos attendees are now back in their capitals and executive suites. But what is it, exactly, that they are working to implement? What is the underlying agenda of the wef?

Well, whatever the problem, the wef’s solution is to implement what it calls the “Great Reset.” The coronavirus outbreak and other turmoil present, in the wef’s own words, a “unique window of opportunity” to end laissez-faire capitalism and implement a system where “global stakeholders” cooperate to achieve “shared goals.” In plain language, wef leaders want private businesses to serve not the interests of their owners, but the wef-defined list of “stakeholders.”

This is opaque jargon, but keep your eye on the target. The issue is control. Who will control millions of individual businesses around the world: the owners, who have taken risks for their businesses and operate them in their communities—or wef elites, who assume control on behalf of humanity?

Prof. Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, claims to have invented “stakeholder capitalism” about 50 years ago. Yet this system really has a long, dark history. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben calls it “Communist capitalism,” while American scholar Michael Rectenwald calls it “corporate socialism.” Stakeholder capitalism resembles the corporate socialism used in Juan Perón’s Argentina, Engelbert Dollfuss’s Austria, Augusto Pinochet’s Chile, Ante Pavelić’s Croatia, Pierre Laval’s France, Adolf Hitler’s Germany, Benito Mussolini’s Italy, and other corporatist states.

In other words: Professor Schwab is trying to convince world leaders to adopt a fascist economic system.

Former judge Andrew Napolitano defines fascism as “private ownership, but government control.” Such a system differs from communism (government ownership and government control) and capitalism (private ownership and private control). This system allows private citizens to own businesses, but replaces the hopes, incentives, freedoms and responsibilities of small business owners with the iron will of ruling elites.

This is a highly significant trend. Bible passages such as Revelation 17 and 18 reveal that an end-time religious entity will guide an economic powerhouse that intoxicates all nations with its wealth and splendor. This entity will merge state, corporate and spiritual power in a way that Professor Schwab will likely support!

A Fourth Reich

To understand how Professor Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism” will ultimately work, look at 1930s Europe and 1970s Latin America. Before the Second World War, fascist dictators like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler ran openly corporate socialist economies with the blessing of the pope. And after the Second World War, Latin American Catholic dictators like Juan Perón and Augusto Pinochet did the same thing.

The wef has praised Pope Francis’s ecumenical Fratelli Tutti as a “prescription for resetting the global economy” but does not highlight the fact that Francis’s worldview was shaped in Perón’s Argentina. That is why the pope often warns about the “excesses of capitalism” while expressing sympathy for various forms of socialism. He follows the sort of Catholic socialism that was practiced in Argentina during Perón’s presidency. So like Professor Schwab, Francis wants to create a new global economic system where the desires of everyday businessmen are subject to the whims of a wef-style central planning committee.

These facts become more concerning when you realize that Professor Schwab has ties back to Nazi Germany. He was born in 1938 to Eugen Schwab and Erika Epprecht. Eugen moved from Switzerland to Germany during the Third Reich and became a director at Escher Wyss AG, which, among other high-tech, low-principles projects, used slaves to manufacture atomic bomb technologies for Adolf Hitler. Klaus was too young to be complicit in his father’s crimes, but his connections with actual fascists don’t end there.

The declassified document known as the Red House Report provides a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Hotel Rotes Haus in Strasbourg, France, on Aug. 10, 1944. As they were losing World War ii, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of industrialists to plan for a Fourth Reich. This report is reprinted in our free booklet Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans, which proves that something vile is stirring in Germany and the Vatican.

After graduating from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Schwab founded the European Management Forum in 1971 under the patronage of the European Commission and various European industrial associations. This was the organization that would later become the World Economic Forum in 1987 when Schwab broadened his ambitions from European unification to global governance. A study of the first few meetings of this forum sheds light on the globalist organization it would eventually become.

The First European Management Symposium opened in 1971 with an address by Otto von Habsburg, the last crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. That drew a lot of attention to the new group, so a year later a second symposium was held that focused on European unification. This meeting was held under the patronage of Altiero Spinelli, a former Italian Communist and one of the founding fathers of the European Union. And it was supposed to be directed by Dr. Hermann Abs, a powerful banker in Hitler’s Third Reich. But Dr. Abs had to cancel his participation on short notice, forcing Schwab to chair the meeting himself.

Still, it was significant that the 71-year-old Abs paid the 34-year-old Schwab’s new group so much attention. According to Adam LeBor’s book Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank That Runs the World, Abs was arrested after World War ii but only served a three-month prison sentence because he was friends with Charles Guston of the Bank of England. As the head of Deutsche Bank’s foreign department, Dr. Abs spearheaded Hitler’s continent-wide plunder during the war, but somehow, he was allowed to help German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer rebuild Germany after the war. Dr. Abs was widely regarded as the most prominent European business leader at that time, so along with Otto von Habsburg, his endorsement helped transform Professor Schwab’s European Management Forum into the globalist entity it is now.

You could almost say the World Economic Forum is succeeding where Hitler’s generals failed. The Continent has been conquered by technocrats and businessmen, not with guns. And these technocrats and businessmen now want to spread their corporate socialist economic model all around the world.

A Prophetic Beast

This can be confusing, but one thing brings clarity. Europe will build an immensely powerful economy not out of free-market principles but out of the elites’ iron will—especially one elite.

For decades, the late Herbert W. Armstrong showed how the Bible predicts the emergence of a seventh, final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Revelation 17 prophesies that a dreadful beast will descend into a bottomless pit before reemerging to wage war. In Bible prophecy, a beast always symbolizes a kingdom. So this beast is a kingdom that goes underground. It seemingly disappears for a time before returning.

“While the naive and trusting Allied nations have believed they won the war against Germany, and in their jittery fear of war from Russia have assumed that Germany is now safely denazified, the facts are quite the contrary,” Mr. Armstrong wrote in a 1949 Plain Truth. “The facts are, the Nazis went underground, May 16, 1943! Two years before the war ended, the German generals, the German industrialists, German bankers, German scientists—in fact nearly all leading Nazis except Hitler, knew Germany had lost the war. Two years before the fighting stopped, the most thoroughly organized secret government of modern history went into action—underground! What the Nazis of the fatherland have been doing, added to what Mother Rome has been doing, secretly and under cover, are combining to bring forth a danger to America and the true Christian religion far greater than any threat from Russia! Yet the world is asleep to the danger!”

The fact that men like Dr. Abs were given such high positions in postwar Europe proves that Mr. Armstrong was right, and the fact that organizations these men helped found are still influential proves that fascism is not dead. Just as Hitler and Mussolini sought to establish totalitarian states through “a merger of state and corporate power,” so the modern-day World Economic Forum seeks public-private partnerships with the power to rule nations.

The situation is a bit more sophisticated than it was in the previous two world wars, but no less dangerous. The racist political activists of yesterday have been replaced by the powerful, established technocrats of today.

Germany and the Vatican are building a transcontinental alliance that the Bible says will include 10 European kings (Revelation 17:12), a loyal network of Latin American vassal states (Isaiah 23:1-3), and an anti-Iranian alliance of Arab regimes (Psalm 83:5-8). With its left arm, this conglomerate will reach southward and eastward into the Middle East to conquer Jerusalem (Daniel 11:15-16). Then with its right arm, this “Holy” Roman Empire will reach southward and westward across the Atlantic to besiege the United States!

Mankind’s only hope is to heed God’s warning and understand that He is allowing calamity to come for a reason: to correct people for turning away from His commandments and statutes. These prophecies are alarming—but if you are stirred to seek God and His protection, there really is nothing more exciting!