German Retail Giant Reduces Meat Selection


During Berlin’s “Green Week” at the end of January, Christoph Graf, purchasing director for German supermarket chain Lidl, announced that the retail giant would significantly reduce the proportion of animal products in its stores. According Lebensmittelzeitung, Graf considers this step to be “without alternative” because “there is no second planet.”

From preference to ideology: Traditionally, a store would adjust its line of products according to popular demand. But in this case, the store is acting based on ideology. “Europe and the whole world are looking at us as a country,” Graf noted.

Will worship: Citizens in Germany are increasingly told that meat is bad for personal health and bad for the environment. They are discouraged from looking at the science themselves and making their own decisions. The decisions are increasingly made for them. Whatever the latest trend is they—like citizens in most nations—are pressured to comply. This is because our world is deceived (Revelation 12:9).

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