Italy Sets Its Sights on North Africa


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Algeria and Libya last week as Italy looks to diversify its energy sources. For years, Europe has been heavily dependent on Russia for its fossil fuel needs. But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, Europe has sought alternate suppliers, drawing them deeper into the Middle East.

Watch Algeria: Meloni visited Algiers from January 23 to 24. Accompanying her was Italian energy company eni’s boss Matteo Descalzi. On January 24, Descalzi signed several agreements with Algerian energy company Sonatrach. Algerian President Abedlmadjid Tebboune said in a joint press conference this is to make Italy “become a platform of distribution of Algerian energy products in Europe.” Since the Ukraine war started, Algeria has become Italy’s largest energy supplier.

Watch Libya: Later in the week, Meloni and Descalzi also visited Tripoli. On January 28, Descalzi signed a gas production agreement with Farhat Bengdara, head of Libya’s National Oil Company. The $8 billion agreement is, according to the Associated Press, “the largest single investment in Libya’s energy sector in more than two decades.” Libya is recovering from a civil war, and much of the country is not under the control of the internationally recognized government. The deal may not survive if tensions between Libya’s rival factions were to flare up again.

The Bible says: Daniel 11:40-43 prophesy of a clash between a “king of the north” and a “king of the south.” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has identified the king of the north as a German-led united Europe and the king of the south as a radical Islamist bloc. Verses 42-43 show a key battleground between these two groups will be North Africa, so expect Europe to get more involved in the region.

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