Texas Leads 20 States in Suing Biden Administration Over Migrant Program


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading 20 states in suing the Biden administration over a federal program that allows up to 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to petition the United States for asylum each month. Joe Biden launched the program on January 5 as part of a series of new border enforcement actions. Yet in a press release on January 24, Paxton’s office argued that the program “unlawfully creates a de facto pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of aliens.”

Along with Texas, 19 other mostly conservative states joined the suit filed in the U.S. District Court’s Southern District of Texas. These states are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Open border: Biden administration officials are confident they have the authority to implement this program, but Paxton is arguing that the “Biden open borders agenda has created a humanitarian crisis that is increasing crime and violence in our streets, overwhelming local communities, and worsening the opioid crisis.”

It seems obvious the Biden administration wants more illegals in the U.S. as it has given two left-wing nonprofit organizations hundreds of millions of dollars to help illegal immigrants fight deportation. Records reviewed by Fox News Digital show that the Acacia Center for Justice and the Vera Institute of Justice have received nearly $400 million from the Biden administration for the purpose of keeping illegal immigrants in the country.

Hidden agenda: Many analysts think demographic shifts caused by illegal immigration could turn Texas into a Democratic stronghold by the 2024 presidential election. That would mean no Republican would ever win a future presidential election. Democrats could transform the U.S. into a socialist state simply by nixing voter ID laws that require people to prove they are citizens before voting. Trevor Loudon told Epoch Times in 2019:

This is an orchestrated Communist assault on America, to destroy America’s borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically. You can see what 15, 16, 20, 25 million new Democratic voters are going to do to this country. You will lose Texas; you’ll lose Florida; you will lose Georgia, Arizona and North Carolina. There will never be, ever, another Republican or conservative president in our lifetimes. You will have a one-party state in America. And that is the plan. That is why they are doing this.

Prophecy says: In The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong showed that the Anglo-Saxon peoples are descended from the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim. This means prophecies about these tribes are about the U.S. and British Commonwealth.

One such prophecy is in Hosea: “Ephraim allows himself to be mixed up with foreigners; Ephraim has become a cake unturned as it was baked. Foreigners eat away his strength, unknown to him; grey hairs are on him here and there, unknown to him. Israel’s pride shall confront and convict them; yet they will not come back to the Eternal their God, nor seek him, in spite of it all” (Hosea 7:8-10; Moffatt translation). Hosea often refers to the northern 10 tribes of Israel, which split away from Judah, as Ephraim, the most prominent tribe, and Samaria, the capital. Yet the prophecies of Hosea were spoken to Ephraim and Manasseh jointly when King Jeroboam ii ruled both tribes. This sobering prophecy is about America’s and Britain’s careless and risky immigration policies.

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