Europe’s Dangerous Security State


Governments in Poland, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium are spying on journalists electronically, Sophie in ‘t Veld, the member of European Parliament assigned to investigate the scandal, reported this month.

She told EU Observer that what has been happening across the EU is like Watergate “but much, much worse.”

The scandal revolves around the Pegasus spyware app, sold by the Israeli nso Group to governments around the world. The spyware can enter a smartphone without detection and gives full access to files, contacts and activities.

EU Observer wrote:

In ‘t Veld’s report, presented in November and to be finalized next year, points to the Polish government’s use of material extracted from telephones for smear campaigns against journalists. The Hungarian government used spyware on at least 300 telephones belonging to ngos and individuals connected to American-Hungarian businessman George Soros.

Top-level politicians in Greece have used spyware to cover up corruption, and the Spanish government has used spyware on 65 Catalans, supposedly in connection with the independence movement.

These government activities are being conducted outside the normal legal avenues. They are not being used to stop crimes but to intimidate those who are opposing government narratives. There seems to be little pushback or penalties from the EU for this kind of activity.

In ‘t Veld told EU Observer: “It’s not a matter of a few isolated incidents where some governments have crossed the line. It’s a widespread system that centers around Europe.” A vast spyware surveillance system is being built in Europe, and it is being used with impunity. The potentiality of further government abuse abounds.

Prophecy says: While most of the world’s attention is on America’s “deep state,” the Bible says we should also be concerned about what is happening in Europe. In the same period the United States is prophesied to decline, Revelation 13 and 17 warn there will be another resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe. This will not be a beneficent empire but a tyrannical government that can even control which day you “buy and sell” (Revelation 13:16-17). The spyware apparatus being constructed could play a role in how this European superstate is able to control its own citizens and crush dissent. Our book The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy says: “Whether you believe this or not, this is reality. The seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire is now forming with lightning speed. Very soon now, the horrible history explained in this book will be a living reality.”

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