Hakeem Jeffries Is New House Democrat Leader


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York was elected the new Democratic leader of the United States House of Representatives yesterday. In Congress since 2012, Jeffries will be replacing Nancy Pelosi as party leader when the new Congress convenes next month. The Republican Party controls a slim majority in the new Congress and will most likely nominate the next Speaker of the House.

Who is Jeffries? Analysts see Jeffries as a compromise candidate between the Democratic Party’s “old guard” and the younger wing. Jeffries is black and in his early 50s. Much of the party establishment is white and increasingly older. His election could be the party’s attempt to cater to younger voters more concerned with identity politics. However, Jeffries is also close to Pelosi, who will continue as a representative.

What to expect? Jeffries is an ardent opponent of President Donald Trump, who despite not being in the White House is still active in politics. He was an impeachment manager during Trump’s first impeachment trial, which Pelosi spearheaded. In his acceptance speech, Jeffries said he would “push back against [Republican] extremism.”


Jeffries claims not to be on board with the agenda of more radical Democrats. But his track record suggests the House Democrats will only grow more volatile under his leadership. And Pelosi’s continued presence in Congress will cast a long shadow.

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