Was the Election Stolen—in Brazil?


Since the election on October 30, millions of Brazilians have protested the results. Many believe there is only one way to ensure the rightful winner can remain in power: a military coup.

Officially, 60 million Brazilians voted for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, compared to 58 million for incumbent Jair Bolsonaro.

A left-wing legacy: Da Silva was president from 2003 to 2010 and drew the country closer to Russia and China. Corruption charges temporarily kept him out of politics; banned from running in 2017, he was incarcerated in 2018. Some now believe that da Silva stole the election.

Protesting the elections: The media at large dismissed Brazilians’ fear, but the day after the election, Brazil’s streets filled with protesters contesting the results. Three weeks later truckers and farmers continued the demonstrations, and protesters are blocking roads.

Former army head Eduardo Villas Bôas expressed favor for a coup, claiming that the protesters are opposing “attacks on democracy.”

The statement by Villas Bôas expresses the mood inside the barracks. The military sees no problem with protesters calling for the cancellation of a democratic election, which shows that between Bolsonaro and Lula it prefers Bolsonaro and is not ready to break with him.
—João Roberto Martins Filho, political scientist

Prophecies for Brazil: Brazil is the largest economy in the South American trade bloc mercosur. The European Union and mercosur seek a trade agreement, but disputes between Brazil and Europe have put it on hold—recently due to Europe’s climate goals. Both Bolsenaro and da Silva want this deal. The Bible reveals that Europe and Latin America will unite—not on the basis of climate goals but on religion. Thus Europe will have to become more religious again.

Bolsonaro’s rallying of the religious right may help provoke a similar trend in the EU. Or in the shorter term, da Silva has indicated he wants a much closer relationship with the EU and could lead the push for this new relationship.

The current politically and religiously disunified EU will have to become a politically, militarily and religiously unified Holy Roman Empire. Latin America is already quite united in its religion; the Holy Roman Empire will have to become united in its religion as well.
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief

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