‘Last Generation’ Climate Activist Changing the Mood in Germany


They block roads, destroy famous paintings, and vandalize stores. Climate activists are becoming more and more radical—with unintended consequences.

  • Student activists of Last Generation claim that driving cars, consuming animal products and painting with oil paints contribute to the destruction of our climate.
  • We only have seven years left to act, they say—we are the last generation that can prevent a climate catastrophe.

A pendulum swing: Germany has been at the forefront of promoting the activists’ ideology. But these people are trying to force Germany even further in that direction. Their recent protests, however, have had the opposite effect. A debate erupted about the legal consequences for the activists leading to a possible crackdown of the movement.

  • In Bavaria, the activists can now be taken into preventive custody for up to two months—a law originally intended to deal with radical Islamists.

A mood change: While the fear of climate change has dominated the news cycle, the war in Ukraine has caused many to believe that other matters are more urgent. They now have little patience for people blocking streets supposedly to save the climate.

Historically, Germany has often seen trends toward liberalism, most prominently just before World War ii. But the further some tried to push the pendulum, the more violently it swung back toward authoritarianism.

Prophecies for our generation: The Bible does reveal that we are living in the last generation of an era. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24 that global wars will get so bad that He will have to intervene. Many of these countdown prophecies have already begun, which means: “This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” The coming prophesied world war will be started by Germany. That is why we need to closely watch Germany’s pendulum swing.

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