The Radical Transformation of Canada

Justin Trudeau has dismantled the nation’s democracy. Its descent into tyranny contains a critical warning.

In the last seven years, Canada has had a shocking transformation. It has been directly led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a small group of radicals who have subjected the country to Trudeau’s will.

A former president of Trudeau’s own Liberal Party observed that the prime minister “has drastically altered Canadian institutions and norms so considerably that usually calm people are raising their voices in protest. The core of the protesters in Ottawa and other Canadian centers were angry not only about government heavy-handedness in its pandemic policies, but also the changes being brought about by Trudeau.”

Canada is churning with the same cultural, political, legal and institutional strife that is rocking the United States, triggered by Barack Obama. This is not a coincidence. It is designed. It is made possible by lawlessness, it is strengthened by deceit and force of will, and it is powered by a distinct spirit.

Here is how it happened—and what it means for Canada.

Creeping in Unaware

The image was awful: An old lady, peacefully protesting the Trudeau government, was run over by a police horse. The February 18 video is a symbol of what the radicals in power have done to Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

“My idea of freedom,” Trudeau once said, “is that we should protect the rights of people to believe what their conscience dictates, but fight equally hard to protect people from having the beliefs of others imposed upon them.”

It was not the will of Canadians to stop working, to stop living their normal lives, to lock themselves away. But it was Trudeau’s will. In order to impose it on them, he had to gain absolute control of his party, make it an empty vessel for his will, win an election, and empower the government, and therefore himself, to gain control over all levels of government and its institutions.

Over the last six years, this has come to pass.

Invading Power

In June 2014, Trudeau was leader of the Liberal Party. He imposed his personal abortion beliefs on anti-abortion party members, forcing them to vote like him or face consequences. The party members submitted.

Many shared Trudeau’s ardor for abortion. Their later actions would show that they also shared his desire to impose beliefs on party members who were in the minority. This episode stood as an ill omen.

Other Liberal Party members remained quiet. The media was shamefully silent. They were too busy pointing fingers at then Prime Minister Stephen Harper, warning that he was a dictator and that Canadians must save their freedoms by giving the prime ministership to Justin Trudeau.

Before the 2015 election, Trudeau said in a National Post interview, “One of the things that we’ve seen throughout the past decades in government is the trend towards more control from the prime minister’s office. Actually it can be traced as far back as my father [former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau], who kicked it off in the first place. And I think we’ve reached the endpoint on that.”

It’s now infamous how far Trudeau blasted past that endpoint. But Canadians should have seen it coming. Although the media represented it very favorably, Trudeau’s past, including open admiration for communism, was a major warning to voters. But they never seemed too concerned.

While Trudeau is often considered a political lightweight, once he took power he adroitly accelerated “the trend towards more control from the prime minister’s office,” just like his father. Imposing your beliefs, especially when they are radical, requires power.

For years, this transformation has been masked—veiled in democratic double talk. Now it is coming out into the open. But we still have not reached the endpoint.

Promising Liberty

Pierre Trudeau held power between 1968 and 1984. Under his rule, the law began to be viewed and applied differently. Over the next three decades, respect for time-tested laws and family morality began to be replaced with immorality and will worship. The established laws that conflicted with this lawless spirit were rewritten, abandoned or ignored. Canadians began pretending that a nation can survive when its leaders, who are responsible for administering the law over the nation’s families, have respect for neither law nor family.

The ensuing lawlessness has made the nation vulnerable to an undemocratic, hostile takeover of its government and other federal and public institutions.

Canadians have abandoned the law, the founding principles and God. The people share the blame for abdicating their freedoms.

In June 2022, a former clerk of the Privy Council, the office of the top public servant of Canada, warned of the damage the accelerated centralization of power in the prime minister’s office (pmo) is having on the Canadian government and its institutions. His comments illuminate what has been happening in the country. Paul Tellier explained, “There is no way that if I was a cabinet minister, I would allow a bunch of people in pmo to tell me how to do my work. And it’s at every level; it’s not only for junior ministers, the most senior ministers …. It’s for deputy ministers and departments” (Policy Options, May 30).

Every level of the ruling Canadian government—including the cabinet—is controlled by the tyrannical will of the man in the prime minister’s office.

“So why, if you trust the minister and if you trust the advisers to the minister in his office and in the department, do you want six people in pmo to review a draft press release or a tweet?” Tellier asked.

Even though he presides over a minority government, Trudeau has been embroiled in numerous outrageous scandals, including recent allegations that he colluded with the head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to politicize a mass shooting for political gain.

As Tellier explained, Trudeau is destroying the public service (the government)—“and the word ‘destroying’ is not too strong.” Here is some rare courage to warn the country. But the media has not sounded the alarm. They are bewitched by the prime minister.

The Man Who Made Trudeau

Little do ordinary Canadians know how connected the prime minister is to the Democratic Party in America and how wedded he is to importing their Communist methods—including Barack Obama’s Chicago-style politics.

Canadian media has given little attention to the Liberal Party’s cross-border connections to Obama, the Clinton machine and the Democratic Party.

Prior to the 2015 election that brought Trudeau to power, liberal think tank Canada 2020 connected Canada’s elite with elite members of the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Podesta and other lesser-known figures who feature in both Obama’s and Trudeau’s tight circles.

Before 2015, the Democratic Party machine invested heavily in Trudeau, according to Maclean’s. That help was amplified by Obama and his operatives. “Trudeau’s rise would be abetted by the machinery that helped Obama win the presidency in 2008, forged via connections between Canada 2020, the Liberals and Global Progress Initiative, an international network also co-founded by Podesta,” Maclean’s wrote (Oct. 12, 2017).

Obama and Trudeau are deeply connected behind the scenes organizationally, and perhaps personally. In many ways, Trudeau was made by Obama. In return, Trudeau has been a loyal disciple.

In overall ideology, Obama’s Democratic Party and Trudeau’s Liberal Party are one, and they are acting together to advance Obama’s radical progressive agenda in both nations.

Saving Face—and the Agenda

Barack Obama excels at working behind the scenes. But one exception came during Trudeau’s 2019 campaign.

A key weapon for radicals like Obama and Trudeau is the accusation of racism. But in 2019 photos came to light from more than one occasion of a young Trudeau wearing blackface. His progressive voters were deeply embarrassed by the hypocrisy. A funereal gloom washed over his staff. Election Day was drawing near. Trudeau’s socialist transformation of Canada needed saving, desperately. The only man who could save Trudeau—and cleanse him of his racism in the eyes of Canada’s progressives—was Barack Obama.

He came through. Five days before the election, Obama tweeted out to his followers that he was “proud to work with Justin Trudeau” and that “[t]he world needs his progressive leadership.”

As one journalist put it, Obama’s tweet was like an exploding hand grenade in the federal electoral campaign. Obama had interfered with a Canadian election. With one carefully timed statement, Trudeau was forgiven, and progressives could rally to their leader, blackface notwithstanding.

One campaign staff member observed, “It recharged the base—those people who had been embarrassed by Trudeau’s behavior (in the ‘blackface’ scandal). Obama gave everyone the reassurance that Justin was a great guy and not a racist” (National Post, Nov. 13, 2019).

One post-election survey found that 35 percent of voters had waited until the last few days before deciding who to vote for. You could fairly say that Obama decided Canada’s 2019 federal election and put Trudeau back into power—shortly before the government would be entrusted with protecting the people from an epidemic outbreak without destroying their liberties.

Trudeau replied to Obama: “Thanks, my friend, we’re working hard to keep our progress going.”

Seducing the Public

Trudeau has been in power for almost seven years, during which he has used the coronavirus as a pretext for extremely strict lockdowns and has sparked unrest even among a population accustomed to socialistic government.

Obama and Trudeau’s radical agenda has betrayed outright hostility to law and to the ancient, enshrined rights of Americans and Canadians.

The long list of the prime minister’s scandals and his elaborate schemes to suppress them bear this out. The highest-profile, most egregious examples were his arrogant handling of vaccine mandates and the truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

Frustration over vaccine mandates was building for some time. Finally, a truck convoy crossed the nation, protesting the government’s tyrannical rule. For many days, as they made their way to Canada’s capital, the prime minister remained silent. Canadians nationwide donated more money to the truckers in two weeks than they did to all of Canada’s major political parties, combined, in three months. When the beleaguered truckers parked peacefully outside Parliament, Trudeau refused to meet them.

When he finally did speak, the prime minister labeled these everyday Canadians as a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.” The mainstream media rallied around his inflammatory statement and amplified it at every opportunity. They repeatedly lied, saying the protesters wanted to overthrow the government in concert with the radical right, Trump supporters and even the Russians. Trudeau fled to an undisclosed location, reportedly thousands of miles away on the other side of the country, as if he feared for his life.

Trudeau’s minister of public safety was collaborating behind the scenes with the media. The protesters were painted as would-be terrorists willing to use violence to bring down the government. Snipers nestled on rooftops, and drones overhead lent an air of danger. Subsequent investigations showed there was no evidence of guns, ammunition or other weapons stashes. There was, however, a hot tub, a bouncy castle, grandmothers, mothers pushing baby prams, and little children.

By implying they were terrorists, the prime minister justified his next steps. The capital was deemed “under siege.” With the help of the media and without a shred of concrete evidence, the government told the public that the parked truckers were a mortal threat to Canada. Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, giving himself extraordinary, extrajudicial powers designed for war time, and said it was the “responsible thing to do.”

“Domestic ideologically motivated extremism is here and it’s here to stay,” Trudeau’s national security and intelligence adviser Jody Thomas said in an odious smear of ordinary Canadians who happen to dislike the prime minister’s government.

The whole thing was set up. What the prime minister and his operatives accomplished is best understood by the effects currently happening. The evidence shows that the prime minister’s main target of control is the intelligence agencies.

The Real Seditionist

When questioned who had made the decision to invoke the act, Trudeau’s minister of public safety lied 13 different times about it. He said the police asked for it. Trudeau’s own Emergency Preparedness minister said that was not true. The government continually tries to hide its agenda.

The question is not necessarily who invoked the act, but why was it invoked. After already locking down the country to an unprecedented degree, in peacetime, Trudeau smeared the Freedom Convoy in order to impose greater control over the federal intelligence agencies to spy on Canadians.

He worked with the Canadian federal intelligence agencies, took counsel from the U.S. government and President Joe Biden, and received help from U.S. intelligence agencies. He hopes to make some of these powers permanent.

Using government-funded news reports to justify his actions, the prime minister locked protesters and donors out of their bank accounts, which likely sparked a run on the banks.

Trudeau’s government also imprisoned Freedom Convoy organizers as political prisoners, treating them worse than Black Lives Matter protesters and even worse than repeat violent criminals convicted of murder and sexual assault. The police vowed to track down and prosecute peaceful convoy protesters. Donations to truckers were blocked and then investigated. How reminiscent of the Democratic January 6 playbook, using a false pretext to turn the raw powers of the intelligence agencies on ordinary Americans.

The invocation of the Emergencies Act was a display of raw power and unlawful intimidation by the federal government. How terrifying for ordinary Canadians to have the full powers of the government unleashed on them: the government spying on and prosecuting Canadians it has imposed a “terrorist” label on according to the will and the lies of the prime minister.

Since crushing the protests, the government has sought the power to search and spy on personal digital devices for persons crossing the border. It is also proceeding with legislation that will give the prime minister and the government unprecedented control of speech in the country.

The government and the intelligence community are now also ramping up efforts to expand surveillance powers—powers calibrated to formulate new methods to spy on Canadians.

Every one of these federal and other agencies that is supposed to maintain a level of independence from federal authority, including the banking system, did exactly what the prime minister told them to do.

This shows a frightening level of control over the nation’s government and its institutions, as well as commerce and industry.

Completing the Transformation

The Liberal government has now partnered with the New Democratic Party to form a formidable beachhead against attempts to bring Trudeau down. This Communist partnership has given the prime minister an unprecedented window of time, with extraordinary power, to ram his final agenda through Parliament and to complete the radical transformation of Canada. His pace is breathtaking. And the legacy media appears to all but love him for it. Canada’s institutions, including the judiciary, have been brought even more under control of the prime minister’s cabal.

Canadians should be deeply alarmed! Justin Trudeau’s radical takeover of the country is complete. Canada will never be the same. Trudeau and his cabal of radical insiders aligned with Obama have fundamentally transformed Canada. This same global progressive agenda has also brought Britain, Australia and New Zealand under authoritarian control, deeply dividing and weakening these nations.

But their efforts won’t end as they plan.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has been warning about the hidden cause of society’s decline since 1989. He has warned about a treasonous conspiracy led by Obama in the modern nations of Israel to blot out the name of Israel (2 Kings 14:27). Mr. Flurry’s new book America Under Attack shows how this movement is ultimately empowered by Satan, through lawlessness.

Canada has not escaped this blistering spiritual attack.

Prime Minister Trudeau is responsible for his personal sins. But his success in invading and conquering the government and its institutions is, ultimately, because of Canada’s national and family sins. God is cursing us for what we have allowed. We are experiencing the consequences of our own actions. A majority of Canadians have lost faith in the country.

A warning message has been going out, through Herbert W. Armstrong and now Gerald Flurry, for 90 years. With Canada already transformed, it’s time to wake up and heed that warning.