How to Exterminate Capitalism


Suppose you are a revolutionary fighting for a Communist world. Your ideologue, Karl Marx, advocated seizing control of the government and taking from the upper classes to feed the welfare class through progressive taxation. That gives you control over people’s wages. But if you want to stamp out the free market forever, you need to destroy the wealth they already have stored away.

This is why Vladimir Lenin loved printing money.

“Hundreds of thousands of ruble notes are being issued daily by our Treasury,” Lenin told the Russian Communist Party during the worst days of the Russian Civil War. “This is done, not in order to fill the coffers of the state with practically worthless paper, but with the deliberate intention of destroying the value of money as a means of payment. There is no justification for the existence of money in the Bolshevik state, where the necessities of life shall be paid for by work alone. Experience has taught us it is impossible to root out the evils of capitalism merely by confiscation and expropriation, for however ruthlessly such measures may be applied, astute speculators and obstinate survivors of the capitalist classes will always manage to evade them and continue to corrupt the life of the community. The simplest way to exterminate the very spirit of capitalism is therefore to flood the country with notes of a high face-value without financial guarantees of any sort.”

Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve has pumped an average of $8 billion into circulation daily. Like Vladimir Lenin, the Federal Reserve Board and their allies in the United States Treasury are deliberately destroying the value of the U.S. dollar.

What is their motivation?

Is it a coincidence that the woman Joe Biden nominated as comptroller of the currency is a Moscow State University graduate who received the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship? It is becoming more apparent with each passing day that the radical left’s coronavirus response is revolutionizing the nation in ways that socialists like Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow always hoped for.