The Hidden Message of the Horowitz Report

You cannot understand American politics until you recognize the spiritual dimension. This article should strike fear in every American, the Jewish state and the British peoples. If it doesn’t, they are going to suffer as no people ever have! All that suffering can be avoided if we heed this warning from Bible prophecy.

The 2020 United States presidential election is only weeks away, and former Vice President Joe Biden has powerful allies supporting him in his bid to defeat President Donald Trump.

In March, Mr. Biden lost the Nevada caucus to a self-avowed socialist, and it looked like he was washed up. But then his former boss, Barack Obama, stepped in. On March 1, he phoned presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and convinced him to withdraw from the race and endorse Joe Biden for president. Key Obama administration officials immediately began supporting Biden, including former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan and former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey. What happened next was one of the most dramatic turnarounds in U.S. political history. Once Biden had been anointed as Obama’s favored successor, Democrats started voting for him in droves. During the “Super Tuesday” primary on March 3, he gained an 84-delegate lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders, practically assuring that he would become the Democratic nominee.

Biden has since received unanimous support from Obama’s national-security state: Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and more than 150 former spies, cia station chiefs, diplomats and other officials. A letter signed by many of these officials condemning President Trump and endorsing Joe Biden is posted at the website The phrase “steady state” is a politically correct term for what most Americans mean when they say “deep state.”

Obama-era officials want to regain control. The Obama administration spent eight years fundamentally transforming America’s government and culture. And ever since a Republican took the White House, the Democrats have demonstrated that there is no limit to what they are willing to do to undermine the last election—and the next one. And that includes criminal, even treasonous, behavior.

Evidence of this truth has grown throughout the Trump presidency. We must understand how dangerous this is.

In December, Inspector General Michael Horowitz published a 476-page report detailing 17 serious “inaccuracies and omissions” in the fbi’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court applications to spy on Carter Page, a foreign-policy adviser for the Trump campaign. In reality, these were 17 treasonous crimes the Obama administration committed to try to frame Donald Trump and seize control of the government!

This scandal is far deadlier than most people realize. There is a spiritual dimension to what is happening, and you cannot understand these events unless you recognize that. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the destructive trends that unfolded during the Obama presidency would have continued unchecked. Many people believe it would have meant an end to our constitutional republic!

Now Obama’s deep state is trying to seize control of the government once more. This exposes the seriousness of the times.

The Bible reveals the hidden message of the Horowitz report, but you must prayerfully study this topic to understand!

Political Propaganda

Most Democrats claim the investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia began with the Crossfire Hurricane investigation at the end of July 2016. Actually it began in April of that year, when Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign hired the Washington-based research business Fusion gps to get dirt on Donald Trump.

Fusion gps cofounder Glenn Simpson hired British former MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele to create a series of memos later known as the “Steele dossier.” This dossier accused Mr. Trump of escapades with Russian prostitutes and other serious crimes. Not one bit of it was verified. Steele shared his dossier with former MI6 head Richard Dearlove, and Dearlove allegedly advised Steele to contact the fbi. Steele turned over his first report to the fbi on July 5, 2016. This report officially kicked off the Crossfire Hurricane investigation on July 31, 2016, but the real scandal was already months old by this time.

Glenn Simpson later told the U.S. Senate that he wanted Steele to look into Mr. Trump’s business dealings and was alarmed when Steele inadvertently uncovered a “political conspiracy” between the Trump campaign and Russia. Simpson said he reported Steele’s findings to the fbi out of a sense of duty. Yet the Horowitz report found that Simpson repeatedly lied.

Horowitz notes that Steele was hired to find evidence of Trump-Russia collusion from the start. Christopher Steele himself confessed to Inspector General Horowitz that Simpson asked him back in May 2016 “whether there were any ties between the Russian government and Trump and his campaign.” The timing of this request is interesting. It means Simpson was talking about collusion between Trump and Russia before the fbi was involved and before Steele had produced any reports on Russia collusion.

In other words: Clinton and Simpson weren’t there to dig up dirt—they were there to create dirt!

They created an entire dossier of false evidence out of nothing! The Horowitz report makes this perfectly clear.

Think about the wonderful freedom that we have had in America—then consider the consequences of a group of people working to overthrow an elected president of the United States of America and his 63 million voters with a dossier of propaganda! That was their plan!

And the details only get worse. Steele’s primary contact in the Justice Department was Bruce Ohr, an associate deputy attorney general whose wife worked for Fusion gps as an independent contractor. Officials at Fusion gps instructed Steele to start leaking the dirt he collected about Mr. Trump and his campaign to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, cnn and Yahoo News. Meanwhile, the head of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters flew to the U.S. to discuss Steele’s dossier with cia Director Brennan.

The UK agent should have gone to another department. But he went directly to Brennan. Why? Because Brennan was President Obama’s spy czar, who led the treasonous scandal to overthrow the American government!

The fbi wanted to apply for a fisa warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, and they needed collaborating sources that Page was guilty of something. When fbi officials applied for their warrant in October 2016, they presented a Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff as independent corroboration of the information in the Steele dossier—even though they were aware that Isikoff was getting his information from Christopher Steele in the first place. Think about that: A law enforcement source fed information to the media, and then the law enforcement agencies used the media’s stories as proof of its claims! The media wrote stories about these claims, which law enforcement agencies used as even more proof to renew the warrant. In other words, law enforcement and the media formed an echo chamber.

Treasonous Crimes

After fbi officials had their fraudulently obtained warrant to spy on Carter Page, they were to apply a “two-hop” rule to spy on anyone connected to Carter Page. That included Mr. Trump himself. The whole process was about targeting Donald Trump.

Recovered text messages exchanged by fbi agent Peter Strzok and fbi lawyer Lisa Page reveal that Strzok wanted an “insurance policy” in case Donald Trump was elected, and that President Obama was directing the whole operation. “potus wants to know everything we’re doing,” Lisa Page texted Strzok on one occasion (emphasis mine throughout).

But the media echo chamber that Obama’s fbi created was just the beginning of the scandal. The Horowitz report reveals seven gross inaccuracies and omissions in the fbi’s initial application to spy on Carter Page, and 10 additional inaccuracies and omissions in their renewal applications. Some of these “inaccuracies and omissions” are abysmally shocking! Significantly, the fbi failed to inform surveillance court judges that Carter Page had been an “operational contact” for the cia for years, and had already debriefed the cia about his contact with Russian intelligence officers. That means the fbi ended up spying on Page for work he was doing for the U.S. government. And since cia Director Brennan discussed the Steele dossier with the head of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters before the fbi applied for its warrant, there is no way the fbi officials applying for a warrant on Page did not know about his work for the cia.

The Horowitz report also reveals that the fbi exaggerated the significance of Christopher Steele’s past reporting and omitted that Steele had told the fbi that the Kremlin officer he got his information from was a “boaster” and “egotist” who “may engage in some embellishment.” In other words, the fbi knew Steele was getting his information from a known liar in Russia, but still used the dossier as “evidence.”

These “inaccuracies and omissions” are not some comedy of errors. They are part of a plot to unjustly and illegally spy on a U.S. citizen and frame Donald Trump for a crime he did not commit.

Democrats were able to use rumors and lies to launch a 22-month Special Counsel investigation and a four-month impeachment investigation against Mr. Trump. You don’t have to know a lot about government to know that attempting to remove a lawfully elected president from office using unverified propaganda is treason of the highest level! Corrupt law enforcement officials, led by Barack Obama and with the help of Hillary Clinton, conspired to overthrow the government of the United States! If that is not treason, then nothing is treason!

Investigative journalist Andrew McCarthy covers this history in his book Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency. The real collusion in the 2016 election wasn’t between Donald Trump and Russia. It was between the Clinton campaign and Barack Obama’s deep state.

Police State

The Horowitz report reveals how Barack Obama and his inner circle almost destroyed the United States by changing America from a constitutional republic into an authoritarian dictatorship run by powerful, unelected bureaucrats, civil servants, military leaders and intelligence agents. Key Obama administration officials lied, concealed evidence and manipulated documents in order to spy on a U.S. citizen and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. And the whole scandal was directed from the very top!

In Ball of Collusion, McCarthy recounts how the fbi was not truly in control of the campaign to frame Donald Trump. On Aug. 5, 2016, fbi agent Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page “had a tense conversation about an imminent meeting involving ‘agency people’—apparently the cia,” he wrote. At this meeting, one official—whose name has been redacted in government memos—told the fbi officials, “The White House is running this.’”

According to McCarthy, that official was cia Director John Brennan.

That means President Obama was using the cia to orchestrate the plot against Donald Trump!

Brennan was one of the most radical agents in the Obama administration. While still a student at Fordham University in 1976, Brennan voted for Communist Party usa presidential candidate Gus Hall. Shockingly, he was recruited into the cia just four years later! Why did President Obama want a Communist running the cia for him? Well, shortly after Brennan took the job, his department began spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. When he was caught, he lied outright and absolutely denied it. But he was finally forced to admit it. McCarthy does not write much about Brennan’s Communist past, but Barack Obama was mentored by card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Perhaps their shared Marxist worldview is the reason Obama and Brennan worked so well together.

In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Brennan said that in late July 2016 a group of cia, fbi and National Security Agency officials began to investigate allegations of Russian interference. And in a later interview, he admitted that he personally gave the fbi leads involving “contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign.” The fbi used this information to open the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the Trump campaign and started discussing how to get a fisa warrant so they could use all the power of the intelligence community to spy on anybody they wanted.

These admissions should trouble anyone who does not want to live in a cia surveillance state.

In the 1970s, Sen. Frank Church led an investigation into cia and fbi activities and warned that these agencies were developing some alarming abilities. On nbc’s Meet the Press in 1975, he said: “If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know ….”

Shortly after Obama was elected to a second term, the public learned that the nsa has a data warehouse in Utah, a “billion-dollar epicenter” where it can store massive amounts of information. Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, YouTube, aol, Skype, PalTalk and Apple were caught handing over to the government all kinds of information about U.S. citizens—phone records, e-mails and other digital communications—and they claimed they were forced to do so. William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the nsa turned whistle-blower, was asked where the surveillance data was heading. He said: “It’s really a turnkey situation, where it can be turned quickly and become a totalitarian state pretty quickly. The capacities to do that is being set up.”

That chilling statement gets to the heart of the issue!

Barack Obama and his administration tried to use the power of the cia, nsa and fbi to create a dossier of propaganda against a political rival, use the dossier to spy on an American citizen, and frame Donald Trump of a crime he did not commit. And he almost succeeded! That is how close we came to a Marxist tyranny in America.

Spiritual Dimension

The American people are still learning the full extent to which Barack Obama was personally directing this treasonous plot against Donald Trump. And the only reason we know as much as we do is because Congressman Devin Nunes pressured the fbi into providing congressional committees with 384 pages of text messages between Strzok and Lisa Page. The fbi turned these messages over to Congress on Jan. 16, 2018 (please request my free booklet January 16: God’s Miracle Day for a detailed explanation of why this calendar date is so significant). These text messages revealed that the 17 treasonous crimes outlined in the Horowitz report were not just the result of some overly zealous intern at the fbi. Instead, they revealed that “potus wants to know everything we’re doing,” and, “The White House is running this.’”

Something deadly dangerous has seized the country—far more than people realize. There is a spiritual dimension to what is happening, and you cannot understand these events unless you recognize that.

On Dec. 6, 2019, amid the Democratic Party’s attempt to impeach President Trump, political commentator Rush Limbaugh noted, “Democrats are wandering aimlessly and being propelled by one thing … we are watching pure, raw hatred. They hate the man and they hate the people who elected him.” In follow-up radio programs, Limbaugh admitted he was at a loss to explain why Democrats hate President Trump with such vitriol. They are not just expressing disagreement. They have the deepest kind of hatred for him.

Rush Limbaugh can recognize this hatred, but he doesn’t understand why it exists. But the Bible reveals why this hatred is taking root in the Democratic Party, and how it will affect America.

Our people don’t understand their Bibles as they once did, but Revelation 12:12 reveals that Satan is our deadly adversary. He is behind the vitriolic hate tearing America apart today. He is full of wrath, and he has gotten control of the radical left. These people want to tear down the system. They are deceived (verse 9).

The Bible also shows that an enemy almost destroyed the nation of Israel in ancient times, but then God raised up a flawed human king to temporarily save the nation. “For the Lord saw the affliction of Israel, that it was very bitter: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel. And the Lord said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: but he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash” (2 Kings 14:26-27).

The book of Kings is one of the former prophets—prophecy for this end time primarily. (Request my free book The Former Prophets.)

A man tried to blot out the very name of Israel, but God stopped him, and He did it through an unrighteous leader, Jeroboam ii. It is important to understand the prophetic principle of duality. History is repeating itself today. Just what is the prophetic name of Israel? First, it is spiritual Israel, or God’s true Church in this end time. Second, it is physical Israel, or the physical nations of Israel: America, Britain and the Jewish nation in the Middle East. (The late Herbert W. Armstrong explained this in his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Request a free copy.)

Barack Obama’s deep state would have blotted out America’s constitutional republic and replaced it with a violent dictatorship if he had not been stopped by an end-time King Jeroboam ii. The Trumpet could not deliver God’s warning message in a cia surveillance state, so God had to raise up President Trump to temporarily halt what the devil was doing through the Obama administration.

This is what 2 Kings 14:26-27 is really about!

The reason the radical left hates Mr. Trump is that God is using him to expose how the Obama administration almost destroyed our constitutional republic. And the Trump administration really began exposing this corruption on Jan. 16, 2018, when the fbi declassified Peter Strzok’s text messages.

Satan has got such a hold on the radical left that what they really hate most of all is God Himself.

President Trump is a very flawed human leader who is not particularly religious. Yet God is using him like an end-time version of King Jeroboam ii. As long as God keeps empowering President Trump to resist the satanic forces attacking America, we can continue delivering His warning message. But once God stops empowering Mr. Trump, the writing is on the wall.

When God stopped empowering the ancient King Jeroboam ii, the nation of Israel was besieged and conquered by the Assyrian Empire. Modern-day America is prophesied to suffer the same fate (Isaiah 10:5-6)—unless it repents (Ezekiel 33:11).

Yet those individuals who respond and heed God’s warning, He will protect.

One way or another, all people are going to have to acknowledge that obedience to God’s law brings life and peace, while disobedience brings death and destruction. How much easier it would be to learn these lessons from the recent history of how close America came to destruction during Barack Obama’s presidency, rather than wait for a foreign enemy to invade! God is giving us every chance to repent, but those who do not do so now will have to repent after great tribulation. The Prophet Isaiah says Assyria will be the rod of God’s correction “against an hypocritical nation,” but after this correction a “remnant shall return, even the remnant of Jacob, unto the mighty God” (Isaiah 10:5-6, 21).