Russia, China Secretly Support North Korea

Fuel shipments into the rogue nation show that Moscow and Beijing are still keeping the Kim regime afloat.

The prices of fuel inside North Korea have plunged over the last month or so, thanks to an influx coming into the country from Russia via China.

This news broke on December 3 when journalists with Asia Press International reported that Russia is shipping “massive amounts” of fuel into North Korea’s Ryanggang Province. Ryanggang borders China, not Russia, showing that Beijing is at a minimum complicit in these unlawful Russian shipments. The influx of fuel is so substantial that since early November, the price of diesel oil sold in the North has fallen by 60 percent. In the same time frame, the price of gasoline sold in North Korean has fallen by 25 percent.

This comes at a time when the United States and United Nations are calling for greater restrictions on fuel exports to the North. It shows that Russia and China are ignoring international efforts to isolate the rogue regime of Kim Jong-un.