Week in Review: North Korea Armageddon?, Economic Trouble in Egypt and Germany, Russia Elite Tank Unit, and Much More

  • North Korea has threatened to attack the United States island territory of Guam, and President Donald Trump has said it will face “fire and fury” if it makes another move. Will this provoke a nuclear World War iii?
  • Egypt’s president is trying to fix his nation’s failing economy, but his efforts could hurt his already unpopular government and open Egypt to greater political instability.
  • The German economy is also having problems, as carmakers face monumental fines—a real blow to a crucial part of the nation’s export economy.
  • Russia is about to stage its biggest military exercise since the end of the Cold War, including a resurrected World War ii-era elite armored tank unit that has Eastern Europe nervous.
  • We’ll also talk about the dangers posed by the steady stream of leaks from the White House, the police probe against Benjamin Netanyahu, Vietnam caving into China over a crucial issue in the South China Sea, and a showdown in the United States over sanctuary cities.